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Angel (morbid_angel) wrote,
@ 2004-02-13 06:49:00
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    I actually had a really good day today. First of all, i was pissed, cos Trevor didn't turn up to teach us sociology. But then, we decided to do something rather than just go home. Well we sat in the class for an hour, and we all had suggestions. But wecouldn't decide. sowe were going to go to the pub, then outside, Chloe said "Let's go to laser quest"

    Everyone was up for that, so off we went. Dan, Christine and Marc walked, the rest of us went in rachel's car.

    Well we all played laser quest, except sarah, so there was three oneach team. I waswith Rachel and Chloe. I was pretty scaredcos i've never played it before. Well basically, i only hit people four times! lol I camesecond last, and spent most my time hiding, and trying to creep up on people. After twenty minutes, it was game over, so we went to the bar.

    After sitting in the bar for five minutes, we decided to go on the assualt course (we had paid for both at the same time)

    Well, the first few obsticles were ok, then wecame across a tunnel... Well, i'm claustrophobic, but i made it through. I struggled round alot of the obsticles, but then wecame across this one tunnel, which was a semi circle, and i freaked out and started crying, cos there was no way i'd go through it.

    Rachel sat for 10 minutes and unpicked the netting, so that i could avoid the tunnel haha. She's so kewl. But then right at the end there wasanother tiny tunnel, and ihad no choice but to go through it. And it was awful, i was completely freaking, but i made it... thank god.

    Rachel went to pick angel up, and everyone esle did the assault courseagain,except me and Chloe. Marc and Christine had sex in there... yeah.. and hecame all over the place. That's kinda wrong for anyyone else who had to go in there after them.

    So Rachelcame back with Angel, and i played with her for a little while. Ithink she's pretty kewl for a littlekid. Then ihad to go to get my bus.

    But all i can say is, now i'm absolutely covered in bruies, and my muscles ache all over. Will i do it again? Probably... lol

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