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Angel (morbid_angel) wrote,
@ 2003-11-12 07:22:00
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    Ok... first of all, this makes no sense to me,so i don't expect it to make sense to anyone else. Just something i have to write down cos it was driving me crazy.

    I believe that there is no seperate past, present and future. Each of these stages occur at the same time. This is known as the Quantum theory. Here's a few ideas i have circling my head.

    Deja-Vu: This is when an individual has a feeling when something has happened, that has happened before. I believe this occurs because a person HAS been in this situation before. It has occured in their future, which is occuring the whole time that the present is occuring, and for whatever reason, there has been a slip in the "voids" or whatever seperating them and so an individual gets this feeling. They experience something that has already happened. not many people understand this. Hell,i don't lol

    Ghosts: Ghosts ARE NOT spiritsof dead people. spiritsaremerely people that have fior some reason appeared in the present time - they havecrossed the dimensions dividing the present from the past and future. Also,maybe it's because they are trapped in these dimensions? I don't know... Wellanyway. why do many "spirits" realsie they are not dead? This is the precise reason. Because they aren't! It is more the spirit/soul of an individual than their physical self crossing the dimensions.

    UFOs and aliens: Aliens are people from the future, people who have evolved from the people of this dimension, who have worked out ways to purposefully to our dimesnion. The UFOs are their ships. "Alien abductions" are where this evolved race take people onto their advanced ships, and experiment on them. The experiments areconducted to find out about disease and illness in our dimension, because maybe they are advanced enough to find cures for incurable disease in our age. (This is just clutching at straws now, but hell, these are things that i think about and believe) I beleive that aliens could be Asexual (or all of one sex. Maybe they take eggs from females that they "abduct" - for experimentalreasons or maybe to breed with their race - to form a whole new super race. Well... enough on aliens.

    Premonitions: These occur when an individual has the ability to see acrossplains into the future(or the past), and they have been chosen by people in that dimension to warn this dimension of extremely traumatic events. the case of premonitions of the past is that usually, theyoccur vwhen i murder hasbeen commited. The individual takes on the eyes of the murderer or victim, knows exactly what is going on, where the body is buried etc, and so help the police to remove an evil person from the public.

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