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Angel (morbid_angel) wrote,
@ 2003-10-16 06:00:00
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    Don't really know how i feel right now. Just in pain... i haven't updated in acouple of weeks. sorry bout that! I'm so busy with college at the moment that i hardly have any time to come online, but anyway.

    I've been chilling with my friends alot recently. It's so much fun to just sit in our fave bar (sharkeys) for an hour or two after our lessons and just talk. On tuesday, a bunch of us went to the fair. Hence the reason i'm so sore. One ride kinda threw me about alot, and i got squashed and now i'm covered in bruises. Oh well. Also, the waltzers hurt my neck, and they lasted forever, i thought i was gonna be sick!

    My friend Chloe ishaving a birthday party on the 24th to celebrate her 18th. I can't wait. I've bought a great outfit, a real sexy goth dress, with amazing 4.5 inch heels. I never wear dresses OR heels so it shall be interesting to say the least. Loads of people are gonna be there so that's kewl. Maybe i'll actually pull someone lol. As long as it aint a repeat of the Christmas party. That was bad. Ahhhh

    I went to see finding nemo on tuesday, before the fair. It was so funny and the fishieswereso cute! It makes me look at my fish in a whole new light. I wonder if they ever try to escape? LOL

    I was real upset last week. My guinea pig hannah died :'( She was around 5 years old though, and i've been told that's a good age. I dug her agrave and we buried her in the garden...

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