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Angel (morbid_angel) wrote,
@ 2003-08-09 06:27:00
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    Well.. i thought i'd write a quick post to say how i went at the doctors. I was real nervous about getting the blood tests done. The nurse was real nice however, and she made it ok for me. She told me to breath out likea deflated balloon... and i squeezeed my mum's arm to death. But i even worked up thecourage to have a look. It was... strangely intriguing to watch my blood pour up into thesmallbottles they were using to collect it. Well anyway, i have to call for the results next thuresday. That seems like an awfully long time to me... Oh Well, i know they will be clear.

    Not spoken to Josh in...4 nights now. It's hard, but i'm getting more sleep at least lol. I'm still unsure about the prospects of returning to college, i might do though, i'llsee how i feel nearer the time, and after i've got my results. (exam results)

    God!! At workat the moment it is like death to work there. so fucking hot. It's doing my head in. And Sharonisn't back till the 18th soi gotta work every day till then (except sindays) Today it is meant to be 35 degrees celcius. I can't fucking cope in that heat imean for fuck sake this is the Damn UK!!! It aint meant to get that hot *Grrrs*

    Mike's back from holiday now i think. I haven't seen him though. Hmmmm

    Well i had acouple of dreams last night. The first wasgood. It was about Josh. The second was....fucked up... and that's putting itm ildly. I can't even write what it wasabout. I have to understand it myself, and that.. i can't.

    Well.. gonna go now...

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