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~*ChLOeRoX*~ (moonlightlady) wrote,
@ 2003-04-07 22:47:00
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    Current mood: happy

    My Birthday!
    Well... Today turned out to be a nice and great birthday! Me so glad!

    Like around 7 am, Andre came to my door and woke up the whole house. He sang "Happy bday" and gave me his gift! Aw... Me so happy! OK... Then... My 'rents and bro sung too to me... while my bro was on top of me... Ouch!

    My mum was the one who was nosy about what's inside the bag that Andre gave to me... So she opened it for me... and I got a bottle of "Romance" by R. Lauren and a Diesel watch... Which made me jump! Because I wanted a new watch all along!!!

    Well then... I called my friend, Renie, but she's not home, so I left a message saying Happy Birthday too! Then I called Tania... We gossiped... I miss her!

    Went online... chatted with Fangouw talking about kangkung... which in English I think it's Kale... and played "wattawwww"*-an, and talked about hanging out. FUnnY!

    For traktir*an, I went to Banana Bay with my bro, Andre, Icha, and Batara. Man... There, I laughed my ass of cuz my bro was doing sumthing stupid... Like this!

    So ya... I cried... cuz my tummy hurted badly cuz of laughin... Andre was like "Udah eh! Stop!" hehehe... which made me laughed harder!

    Well, I really enjoyed today! Almost everyone remembered my bday... even my Oma! Yeai!

    I got pretty much gifts... Like a cute ring [icha], a punk cuff [bat], a hootie with ears [bat], lingerie and jeans and a shirt [mum], and there are some that are comin!

    Well I'm friggin 19... Gotta grow up!

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2003-04-10 23:50 (link)
Happy Birthday to you!

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