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in the arms of sleep (moon_monster) wrote,
@ 2003-11-06 08:18:00
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    Current mood:severely over-toastied
    Current music:smashing pumpkins: raindrops + sunshowers

    This is the end, childs. One more class like that and I will walk out, and my CD player shall come with me.

    Art class yesterday was not art class in any sense of the word. Did you ever read Lord of the Flies? It was like that. About 25 MANIACS all stuck in a room together fighting and trying to kill each other, where the percentage of us with ANY bnrains at all (Conor and myself) stayed out of it all together and LITERALLY found a happy corner to hide in while the rest of the class shot themselves straight to hell.

    it seriously disgusts me to see these people act like this every single day.

    I resign from my position as Chief Artfag. All it is anymore is being forced to be perfect in every thing, being pitted against my best friends, and general constant irritation from a bunch of people I hate.

    So I quit. Goodbye, sketchbook.

    ~Captain Howdy

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2003-11-06 11:26 (link)
i'm sorry o.o

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2003-11-06 21:41 (link)
you're forgiven. I found your rant/speech to be quite eloquent and well-delivereed. Mad propz, yo

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2003-11-07 12:55 (link)
lol , well they deserved it. man last years art class was so much cooler... that was like the art class to end all art classes

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