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in the arms of sleep (moon_monster) wrote,
@ 2003-10-23 20:56:00
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    Current mood:broken
    Current music:Misfits: Spinal Remains

    blissed and gone....
    I watch too many Weebl toons online. I really do.

    Been a hell of a week, popkins. Thank God it's almost over. Halloween is getting so close!! *squee* Oh, I can't wait!!

    In a reality-laced note however, the theme of teen angst still runs rampant. Each of my friends seems to be losing their grips on everything and it's seriously hurting me to see them this upset. We're all working on it. We all have our reasons for being upset. Hell, I've got my own problems. But those can wait until my friends get better.

    Fala's bacterial infection is raging out of control... the antibiotics are causing her physical pain... Mandy's heart is still shattered into a thousand pieces on the floor.... Aether is going through his own personal hell... And there is practically nothing I can do to save any of them...

    Words only get you so far... Maybe I need to figure out all my own crap before I begin trying to save everyone else....

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2003-10-25 01:45 (link)
*hug* precisely, mija. you've got to handle yourself before anyone else. otherwise, how can you think straight enough to help anyone?

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2003-10-25 18:33 (link)
Wise woman, you are. Thank you ^^

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2003-10-25 05:44 (link)
"I love donkey, donkey no lie, i love donkey, almost as much as pie..."


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2003-10-25 18:35 (link)
"My name is Kevin. I am a stripper. I have a big willy."
"I think I should leave. quietly"
"But I love you!"

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2003-10-28 11:59 (link)
Your own crap? What's getting you, Jinny? Besides your friends having rough times? You need to concentrate on yourself some too. Believe me... I went the route of thinking about everyone else before myself. That got me nothing but worn-down and malnourished.

I'm pretty much over my embarrasment about my drunken e-mail... so if you need to talk, you know where to find me.

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2003-10-30 14:49 (link)
Worn-down and malnourished sounds about right.

I've been wearing myself to the ground doing a shitload of work for my portfolio *it has to be to the college before December or they won't even look at it, and Falb wants me to do ALL new stuff for it.* They want about 12 or 15 pieces, which is a LOT to do in 2 months...

Keeping up grades in two of the hardest science classes is just giving me a headache. Besides the whole "Art or Criminology?" conflict. On one side I've got a bunch of people saying I'd do great in Forenics and crminology, and then I have a bunch more people telling me not to waste my talents and to go to art school.
And telling me to pick one is like telling someone to pick which of their two children gets to live and which gets thrown in the river.

Since I've been staying after so much for portfolio work and setbuilding I've had like no time for anything and I'm living off of cherry coke and doritos, the stuff in the school vending machine. That's probably why I've been cranky as hell this month.

But I'm dealin'. My friends seem to be cheering up and I doubt I'll be far behind.

And thank you ^.^

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2003-10-30 19:21 (link)
Not a problem. We all need to vent sometimes. Hopefully you'll have a few hours to just relax and unwind this weekend. :)

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2003-10-31 14:45 (link)
And next week I have a 4-day weekend, which promises to be ver nice indeed.

Thank God this week's over.

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