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in the arms of sleep (moon_monster) wrote,
@ 2003-10-09 20:53:00
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    Current mood:generally aggravated
    Current music:CSI. Thursday is my big TV-watching night. Yep.

    I like to think I'm immune to the stuff...
    five details about you...
    [x] i'm an art fag
    [x] im a catgirl
    [x] i love gay dudes
    [x] i hate getting blood drawn
    [x] i'm the token smart kid in most of my classes

    five details about your appearance right now...
    [x] wet hair
    [x] haggard old cutoffs
    [x] old Sailor Moon tank top
    [x] pink and black kitty ears
    [x] big scratch on my cheek from a zipper on a sleeping bag

    five things you did today...
    [x] stayed after school to work on a drawing
    [x] threw a tantrum
    [x] got mad at some people
    [x] worked on 3 comics
    [x] bought a concert ticket from Ben

    five memorable things you did in the last year...
    [x] finished a comic (i never FINISH comics)
    [x] went to Pennsylvania to wreack havoc on the natives
    [x] decided that I DO NOT WANT TO GO TO ART SCHOOL
    [x] Got some artschool scholarshippy things even though I'M NOT GOING TO BLOODY ART SCHOOL
    [x] got severely into forensics and anthropology. and not art.

    five things that everyone should know about you...
    [x] i am good at drawing. better than most apparently.
    [x] i'm really obsessive
    [x] i'm pretty darn cheerful most days.
    [x] i like cats
    [x] i live off of apples and bagels

    five favorite groups...[lately]
    [x] Gorillaz
    [x] Smashing Pumpkins
    [x] Misfits
    [x] Minor Self Indulgence
    [x] The Residents

    five favorite songs...
    [x] Gorillaz: Hip Albatross
    [x] Smashing Pumpkins: In The Arms of Sleep
    [x] Smashing Pumpkins: Farewell and Goodnight
    [x] King Missile: Bloodletting
    [x] Misfits: Hybrid Moments

    five favorite movies...
    [x] Silence of the Lambs
    [x] The Maxx
    [x] Night of the Living Dead
    [x] Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
    [x] Edward Scissorhands

    five things that make you happy...
    [x] comic books
    [x] drag queens
    [x] Forensics
    [x] sketchbooking
    [x] Tim Burton movies

    five people who mean alot to you...
    [x] Mandy
    [x] Fala
    [x] Conor
    [x] Falbimus Maximus
    [x] Shichan
    You know something, I hate this one because I always end up leaving somebody out. If your name's not up there I still love you, okay?

    five things that disgust you...
    [x] Roaches
    [x] Getting blood taken
    [x] people who think they know stuff
    [x] white chicks who dress like black chicks and think they're hot because of it (i'm not racist, so shut up about this one)
    [x] Pop stars becoming film stars

    five things that impress you...
    [x] forensic anthropologist (that is the neatest job)
    [x] acrobats
    [x] serial killers
    [x] the Residents and Gorillaz' live shows
    [x] the animation in Cowboy Bebop

    five things that dont impress you...
    [x] sports cars\ suvs
    [x] neopunks
    [x] pop music
    [x] my artistic ability
    [x] people who threaten you with "never being your friend again"

    five things you cant live without...
    [x] my sketchbook
    [x] the library
    [x] my kitty ears
    [x] Gorillaz
    [x] cartoons

    five things you'll do when you complete this...
    [x] draw some more. because I have no life outside of bloody art
    [x] feed my fish
    [x] watch the end of CSI
    [x] work on a doll I am making for mandy
    [x] take a long nap

    five things you feel right now...
    [x] aggravated by the world
    [x] lack of artisticness
    [x] wide awake
    [x] like throwing a tantrum
    [x] oddly cheerful

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