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in the arms of sleep (moon_monster) wrote,
@ 2003-10-07 19:29:00
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    Current mood:in the arms of sleep
    Current music:Gorillaz: Left Hand Suzuki Method

    Making love to a vampire with a monkey on my knee
    I had a rough weekend. It was not a bad weekend, just a rough one.

    And somehow in the last half-hour it seems that everybody's collective bad mood has infected me like a lymphatic filariasis worm and is invading my blood and sickening me. Everybody, please, cheer up a little bit. For me, at least. *Mandy, you are allowed to be in as bad a mood as you want, because you are the only person right now with a good enough reasom to be miserable*

    *cough cough* On Sunday I went to Neptune (not the 8th planet, but the town near Asbury Park) to a bar called The Saint for a concert. Ben's band, Saving Face, was playing and I promised Ben I would come support the cause and be a groupie (since the only other groupie is his little sister Lisa)

    Keeping it short since the sudden bad mood makes me not wish to type:

    Lisa and I had a blast, she is so cute. She reminds me of me but a year younger and minus the kitty ears. Maybe that will change this Christmas =^.^=
    The first band was quite good, called Eternity Void (oooh how angstmetal sounding) and the dudes in the band were so nice. They got bitched out by the owner of The Saint for saying it was really crappy to charge 2 bucks for a bottle of water. Well, it is. And I bought their demo because I liked them.
    The other band I liked was called Madjul, who were melodic and flowing but still pretty metal. I bought a Madjul shirt because I am pathetic. And because I needed a new tanktop (half of mine do not fit anymore, damn boobs need to stop getting bigger)
    Lisa bought their CD and I am going to burn a copy from hers. (Wow, me and Lisa really get along quite well. Maybe she'll be my Mini-Me this year, since I do not have one yet)

    And of course Saving Face was pretty boss. Although I wish everyone would stop bitching about how Charles is the singer. I thought he sounded just fine. If you have an issue with him as a person that's fine but don't get your panties in a bunch because he is doing something he likes and apparently other people like it too.
    (I am not looking to start any fights with this, so please don't even bother commenting about it if you are in fact a Charles hater)

    So, yeah. It was an all-around great day with some Allentown punxx0r/metal/grunge kids that I adore and rarely see oustide of school.

    And Falbio came! She brought her husband, who I had never met. I guess she WOULD come to that concert, considering that nearly every person in Saving Face is a current or former art fag from her class.

    *yaawn* I hope Man starts to feel better soon.. her big brother died in a car crash Saturday night, and she is devastated. Pray for her if you are someone who prays, or give her a hug if you see her, just, everyone be nice to her. She's very upset right now, and who can blame her.

    That's it for today's episode, babes. Tune in next time!

    see you space cowboy

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2003-10-07 23:01 (link)
oh, kittybabe. *hugs* i'm doing all i can with my jersey kids.

oooh, that concert sounds like teh groovy! ^.^ give mandy my condolences. since he was young, that's reason to be sad.

g'night, jin-chan.

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2003-10-08 16:31 (link)
Mandy's slowly cheering up... she appreciates your lovin', she's taking all she can get <333

The concert was teh cool, babers ^__^
I gotta drag your butt to Joizee sometime and we should go concerting and hobo-marting ^__^

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2003-10-08 06:10 (link)
Charles is crazy on stage.

Josh Dale definitely has a cuter ass though (I witnessed a conor-incident that went like:)

Dan *tries to hug josh*

Josh: Eww, no! *jumps away*

Conor *wraps arms around josh, josh doesn't fight back* Yeah you know better than to resist me

Josh: yeah i've given up on you..

Conor *hand slides down to joshes rear*


Josh AAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! *screams liek little girl*

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2003-10-10 15:19 (link)
heeh, he WOULD do that.
Conor drew a guy's arm going into another guy's butt on my linoleum cut. I'm gonna kill him.

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2003-10-15 05:53 (link)

O'Conor Rules!

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2003-10-17 16:00 (link)
It's great, every time someone sees my linoleum cut they go, "Is that a guy getting FISTED?" to which I say, "Ask Conor, he'll tell you a story about it."

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2003-10-08 10:17 (link)
evryones entitle to their own opinions.. it's good yor boobs ae finally getting bigger :P

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2003-10-09 20:42 (link)
hey! leave my boobs alone!

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