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Meagan (moogsies) wrote,
@ 2005-06-01 13:23:00
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    Current mood:anxious
    Current music:garden state soundtrack

    amazing day
    Its gorgeous out. I live in cali and im sitting in an office working on a grant for americorps. The AC is on too high and I dont want to be here at all. My best girlfriend just got back from a year in France. Unfortunately shes in massachusetts and im here. I have never not seen her during the summer. We tend to get into all sorts of trouble together. I have 7 weeks until I go home for a break. And im anticipating a break from the LA scene. Its very different and yet the same as i pictured it. The people are what i exspected. Ive only met one real person that I didnt already know from back home here. And he's not always avaliable. Im just awaiting 4 pm. Writing emails to my closest friends and trying to focus on the work at hand. I tried this online journal thing because im online alot at work. And its a lot lighter then carrying my nice one around. I guess today im just in need of good conversations over coffee with jen. But instead im forced to use the phone. which has become the communication method for a number of my close relationships thus far. :)

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