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|x|Shat a brick and call me shirley|x| (antiavril272) wrote in moodthemes,
@ 2003-10-30 16:25:00
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    Current mood: bouncy
    Current music:underdog [x] yellowcard

    Don't waste your touch.. you won't feel anything..
    hiya! im new.. and i was wondering if someone.. could make me.. a davey havok mood theme? plleeeeeeease? here is a picture of him..

    Davey Havok..yum!

    okay there is davey.. sexy isn't he? haha.. well if you make the theme for me.. i will credit and be sooo grateful! if there was any way to post this.. im sorry i didn't.. .>_

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2003-10-31 04:45 (link)
Okay, first that picture doesn't work.

Also, you'll need to review the Guidelines regarding submissions and mood themes.

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2003-10-31 15:17 (link)
I have already read the guidelines.. and im sorry the picture doesn't work.. hm.. let me try again.. if this doesn't work.. then.. could we possibly talk over aim?


my aim s/n is Afireinside435.. if you cannot see the picture

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2003-11-02 02:00 (link)
Who is the person?

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2003-11-02 11:06 (link)
it is Davey Havok.. lead singer of a fire inside (afi)

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2003-11-02 14:19 (link)
Okay, do you have permission to use his image here as a moodtheme? If so, it's open to be made.

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2003-11-03 15:36 (link)
okay.. the only problem is i don't know where i got the image from.. x.x; i could find another imagime ask if you could make a mood theme

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