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The Truth About Diamonds (monroemisfit_ox) wrote,
@ 2007-11-22 02:11:00
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    Current mood: hungry

    hollaaaa if u want dramaaaa
    asd;lfkjaoewi ............ i love school. its fuuun. we started hair cutting last week, did blut cut below and above the shoulder and graduated haircuts. after this we do mens cuts then chemicals/nails/skin/waxing/color. Before we know it we will be in our senior phase. i'm excited. theres soooooooooooo much drama in my class i can't even describe it. it cracks me up though

    i'm so glad vicky's class is in the skincare clinic right now. i get her and her friends to wax me all the time. i get like everything done for $2 w/the student discount.

    i wanna buy more products that's all i ever do but i really need to save my money because i'm constantly overdrawn at the bank. whatevvvv....everyones getting aveda products for xmas...they came out with all of their holiday packaging made by women & kids in 3rd world countries. annnnd ppl will be getting Victoria's Secret gifts bcz i have that credit card too...

    i saw HCS last friday with Jish, Vicky, Stevie, & Bulch. The ride there was a pain in the ass first off...i got rear ended going to Jish's house..nothing happened to my car or theres...then Jish sucked at driving but we got there and it was a good show i loveee HCS. I drove back from Asbury Park and it was hellllll. at 2am i've never driven sooo much in my life. crazy.

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2008-08-06 02:03 (link)
baaah I love your layout! I have a marilyn Monroe one but for some reason it isnt working anymore. Can you do something with mine?!?!

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