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monpetitepeche (monpetitepeche) wrote,
@ 2005-02-07 19:00:00
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    Current mood:okay
    Current music:Placebo - The Bitter End

    i just cut my hair. it long in the front but kinda shortish in the back. i was going to let my hair grow but decided to be weak and gave in. almost everyone i have heard talk ab out my hair liked it the way it was before b ut i guess thats not something i can change anymore. its done. my hair is all gone in the back. i th ink i might puke but i hope not. i was trying rea;lly hard actu ally to get through the middle icky stages of hair growth but oh wel l i g uess. i can alway s try aga in next t ime its long. i suppose.
    so theres this one guy...who needs to get more out of this little ditch he's in. im sure if that person read this they would know im talking about them. hes s uch a cool guy.i dont really kn w him all that well anymore because i moved and stuff. i wish i would have gotten to know him better. it would have been nice but what can you do when your parents are retarded l ike mine. hes so good looking and has a perfect personality, and hes just cool to hang out with and comfortable to be arou nd and all. its nice to have friends li ke that. meh.

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