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Allie (mofx) wrote,
@ 2003-11-06 17:39:00
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    Current mood: contemplative
    Current music:U2-I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking for

    First entry ever
    You know. I have started countless amounts of these. Each time, I write one or two entrys then i just give up..... Sad really.

    I guess it's about time to introduce myself. I'm Allie... I'm 15. I like to think I'm deep and have opinions and thoughts worthy of expressing but, I'm probably wrong.

    1. What is your full name?: Alicia Marie Morris
    2. What are your nicknames? allie?
    3. Sex? Female
    4. Where do you live? I'm a michigander
    5. When is your birthday? January 14
    6. Where were you born? Kalamazoo.


    9. Music? Old school punk.. not sucky rock
    10. Artist? The weakerthans
    11. Actress? Renee Zelwegger?
    12. Actor? Johnny Depp (O god.. orgasm)
    13. Food? Vegetarian prolly
    14. Candy? I'm a fan of the swedish fish
    15. Movie? Princess bride.

    *Love Life*

    17. Do you like anyone? Sure do.
    18. If so who? In the small chance some one i know will see this. I'm not telling
    20. How important are looks to you on a scale of 1-10? 7
    21. How important is personality on a scale of 1-10? 435
    22. Have you ever french kissed? Nah
    23. How many people have you kissed? A few

    *Have You Ever..*

    24. Drank? Possibly
    25. Smoked? Alas, yes. But i quit and am ashamed
    26. Streaked? There was that one time.. in tijuana
    27. Gone skinny dipping? *good times good times*
    28. Had sex? I still posess my V-Card
    29. Done something against the law? Chaaaa
    30. Stole? Nah.
    31. Hit a car and drove off? I lack a car. and licence
    32. Been in love? I don't even know what it is.

    *Would You Ever*

    33. Bungee jump? nooooo
    34. Make the first move? Not if i dont have too.
    35. Sky dive? Not a chance.. Ever
    36. Get a tattoo? Yes.. yes i would
    37. Get a piercing besides your ears?Yea...
    38. Shave your head? Only for a good cause
    39. Date someone 10 years older? Johnny Depp..
    40. Eat something while it was still alive? with the whole vegetarian aspect of my life.... no

    *Which Friend is...*

    41. The funniest? I dont now...
    42. The most honest? Allie
    43. The sweetest? Candace
    44. The cutest? Meeee (hahahahahahhaa cough hahahaha)
    45. The one you can trust the most? Candace
    46. The one you see the least? Jessicer
    47. The one you see the most? Candace
    48. The smartest? I really dont know
    49. The one thats known you the longest? Jessicer. prolly
    50. The craziest? Sadly myslef
    51. The loudest? Once again.. moi
    52. The quietest? Mel.
    53. The Most Kind...? Candace (she wins)

    *Do You Believe In..*

    54. God? no
    55. Angels? nah
    56. Heaven? i dont think so
    57. Ghosts? Yeah
    58. Psychics? depends on who's doing the..... psycing
    59. Aliens? A course
    60. Reincarnation? YEah
    61. Horoscopes? I wish

    *Which Is Worse*

    62. Throwing up on your date, or your date throwing up on you? Throwing up on ur date
    63. Eating a bunch of live spiders, or a bunch of live spiders eating you...? The latter.
    64. Running into a pole while walking over to the person you have a
    crush on, or having the person you have a crush on walk into a pole while you're walking with them? Them running into a pole... God i love when people get hurt

    *One Or The Other*

    65. TV or radio? Radio, TV
    66. Phone or computer? Computer
    67. Hairbrush or toothbrush? Toothbrush
    68. One pillow or two? Three
    69. Friends or a boyfriend/girlfriend? Friends definetly
    70. Good looking or nice? can i have looking nice?


    71. Do you want to get married? Eventually
    72. Are you planning on going to college? Yes
    73. What do you want to be? Writer.... Reporter.
    74. Do you want kids? I dont know about that one
    75. If so how many? i donno 3
    76. What names do you like for girls? I dunno
    77. What names do you like for boys? Malachy, Liam
    78. Where do you want to live? Ireland... seattle
    79. Where do you want to get married? Here
    80. Where would you want your honeymoon? Space

    Yeah. So there's me.

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