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Natasha (mod7th_nanarin) wrote,
@ 2003-07-31 17:27:00
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2003-08-04 18:54 (link)
And then of course I wandered down this path that lead through a tunnel... and all I could think about was the creepy guy we ran into right at the start who was a bit schizo and wouldn't stop saying "good morning ladies!" and then seemed perturbed when we weren't following him (this was when my Uncle Paul nipped to the loo) and I was like "gee won't my mom be thrilled if I get attacked by some psychopath off in some deserted worn paths... so anyway I had to carefully make my way through this tunnel that was dripping with water and was quite slippery (and me in completely flat shoes with no grip--luckily I didn't slip and fall) and finally made my way out... and had to backtrack completely until I found where everyone else was. We then (Paul, me and Joanna) then made our way (round about again) to the Maze... so we came to this gigantic hedges and figured that that was it and since we couldn't find an entrance we instead headed through the hole in the hedges that we could all just about slip through (Joanna in her white sundress, me in my black ripped skirt (supposed to be ripped))... of course we're wandering about comparing the maze to other mazes we've been... only to find out that we WEREN'T in the maze at all. Yes we are geniuses you can take us anywhere but out. Anyway we found the REAL maze a ways away and in the end were quite disappointed by how easily we were able to make our way through. (though Joanna did lead us through one short cut through the hedges--again) That's all of my Chatsworth Hall stories for today.

However before I go round full circle--we stopped first at this pretty pub/restaurant called the bridge (on a bridge naturally) and across from a churchyard and graveyard (I've seen soooo many that I want to run round but because Sue's with us and because of the bubonic plague in the graves and whatnot and dirt and so forth I don't fancy being quartentined off anymore than I already am for being a steak-eating-19-year-old.) So anyway in the card I'd undone the clasp on my shoes and once we were out I paused by a stair to reclasp them... and this old shirtless man came over and said to me "Oh showing a bit of leg are you? Lovely leg you got there, show a little more" and then proceeded to try and open the door (which we'd already discovered was locked--hence why I was on my own again and everyone else was wandering around trying to find the front entrance) and he was like "oh it's locked isn't it" and I replied "apparently" and scurried away on my way... I mean he was probably half a foot shorter than me... but what IS IT with my weirdo magnet?!!?!!

Ahem. So concludes my Monday. 18 more days to go and I have to say this is one of THE weirdest visits to England I've ever been on.

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2003-08-05 14:53 (link)
once again note the pirate icon . . . I am sending Jack Sparrow along to help you with the weirdos . . . LOL

So if my tally is correct . . . We have undead bunnies, madonnas with perky breasts, slippery tunnel-y places, mazes and non mazes, Security Guards who have channelled the spirit of Jane Austen and have insight into her writing, shirtless men who like legs, locked doors, 91 degree weather in England, schizos (can't forget the schizo), pregnant women with misophobia . . . All in all sounds grand Natasha! So glad to hear your having a great time!


Jeans . . .

P.S. Did I miss anything?

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2003-08-07 16:35 (link)
No I think you've captured my vacation perfectly actually... lol. It's been nuts. And I can't believe I forgot to mention this but on the way to Derbyshire we saw Elderly People crossing signs! I can't remember having seen them before but... I suppose where there is a need.... but on the other hand that makes me wonder how many elderly people have been mowed down by over-eager tourists?? Yikes.

Let's see... Much drama this visit. It's not at all relaxing (not that I expected it to be) but... if it's not Sue with her paranoia on bacteria and her baby, Uncle Paul and Lynn and their on-going car difficulties (ahh the Kerry curse strikes again! lol), Slawka and her general scaryness compounding with her own mother problems (Nana as Joanna calls her... I have no idea what her real name is) and I had a scary run in with Slawka's younger sister and daughter whose gigantic!! Man I saw that kid when she was like 4 and now she's 13! I'm scared to see how big my second cousins are tomorrow... I'm off to Sheffield (soo can't spell) at any rate.

Oh and yesterday we went back in town and saw strange men who were dressed up like police officers (we were debating whether they were trying to be Swedish or American... at any rate whatever accent they were attempting to pull off was just dreadful) and they had trashcans with police lights on the top and I think they were trying to be "fashion police" (I couldn't understand a word they were saying since they had their megaphones too close to their mouths) but at least they didn't comment about me or Joanna... by default we had to pass them three times... I swear to god they were following us. Scary men.

I don't have any funny annecdotes really... unfortunately LOL. I'm sure tomorrow my back will be shattered after much wants of piggy-back rides and the sort... lol I am so not in shape for this at all... oi I dread children. Rain I have no idea how you do it!

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