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IsuckDICKforPENNIES (mmmmbop) wrote,
@ 2004-02-23 20:27:00
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    Current mood: hopeful
    Current music:Cursive-Butcher The Song

    Hmmmm today i was in a kinda good mood until fight time, the nasty bitches in gym started shit with me again, so i definelty bitched them out and i informed them once again that what they say doesnt hurt my feelings and if they want to take a step outdoors its alright with me, but unless they plan on actually doing something, they need to shut up, then they made little moking retart noises, as if it made them seem cool making fun of the mentally handi-cap, wich i am not mentally handicapped so they were the only ones who really looked dumb....i really do wish they would just hit me so we could get things over with, because if they do hit me i will be sure to beat their ass, the one who really wants to fight is like 2 ft shorter than me too, im not a very strong or intimidating person but this girl weighs 80 pounds, im positive i could handle kicking her ass....anyways yea then in gym we played like uhh racket ball and me n dayna definetly kicked major racket ball ass, it was like 2983472398 to zero, but dayna couldnt hit the birdie thing so when i quit she had alot of trouble without me, i got frustrated and told her she couldnt be on the team anymore, she wouldnt leave, so i did, im sorry dayna, i shouldnt have taken my fight time anger out on you,but you did severly suck....then after school i came home i had plans to go hit up k mart with my mom (lol) but she got "sick" so i couldnt get a new zip up hoodie, cuz my new shirt looks dumb without one and i cant continue steeling daynas and my old one is alll stained and too small and i like my new shirt so the only solution was to buy a i was sitting in my computer chair where i spend most of my miserable life and i slipped and fell out of my chair on to my cluttered bed and hit my wrist really hard on something and it puffed up and got all gross so i think i took one too many asprins and like passed out in my hallway, i only took like 3 tho so it wasnt that bad....The End....

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2004-02-23 20:57 (link)
WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT... I was better when you left.. i mean i got my own point and everything... but i will definatly work on the whole hitting the birdie thing.. it is okay that you wanted me to leave... i know you love me and your anger was towards the dtkes and you just let it out on me i forgive you well thats it...

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2004-02-24 17:44 (link)
correction... DYKES not DTKES... sorry about the trouble anna

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2004-02-24 19:46 (link)
You show them dykes you mean business....

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