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.:.♥:♥.:. プリンセス雅 .:.♥:♥.:. (miyacchi) wrote,
@ 2004-08-09 01:20:00
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    Current mood: ecstatic
    Current music:Sounds of Fireworks...ringing...

    .:. ♥ .:. Love*Love Fireworks Festival 8/8/04.:. ♥ .:.
    ahhh~ ohanabi...this is the ever first time i get to view fireworks with moi prince kaze~~ we reached esplanade at 7pm.. he started to feel hungryy...and all da restaurants there were packed...!! while in search of the perfect spot to view ohanabi & convenient place to eat... we walkedd....and walked...till we reached..Raffles Place!! I used to go there pretty often when i was still working in CBD but all the cafes, food places tat i know of were already closed...T_T. It was until we saw some lights of blue/purple/pink/yellow tat caught our eyes..!! HOPE!!

    We were soo lucky to find a kopitiam tucked in tis ulu corner along MARKET street.. We had a gd feast of beef noodles, mixed pig intestines soup & gyoza...!! By the time we ci bao bao le it was already 8.05pm~ We walked back towards ESPLANADE to see...tat the whole stretchhh of Hotel Fullerton -> bridge -> Durian E~ all crowded... T.T All da vehiclesss were jammed. And all drivers had turned off their engines~ and some even climbed up onto the top of their cars, trucks & sat there!!!

    hubby *"* didnt give up~ as he wanted us to get a bettaaa..view so we managed to squeeze our way to the middle of the ROAD...and there it begin...*BOOM*PuWAaaaaaa* OHANABI~!!! in all shades of colorssss~ kiRaakiRaaaa~~swirls, spiralsss~ It was hard to take good pics of ohanabi cos my shutter speed wasn't tat fast.. i managed to get some vid clips but it jus aint prettty enuff..datte blocked by tis building & also the breakages of each ohanabi took soo long...

    T.T we vowed to watch ohanabi again~ nxt sunday... for the HK team~!! I feel they shld be really pro as they often display fireworks on their BAY, tis pt was both agreed by kuromichan & me. hubby & me will be better prepared tis time. WE MUZ chop best place~ and arm ourselves with lotsa food, snacks, sandwiches...PICNIC~!!

    Make a wish~!!

    Pictures taken randomly~ itss a sparkling kirakiraaa disco lion~!!!
    Hotel Fullerton...soo elegant..and grand.. ;)~

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2004-08-14 15:08 (link)
very nice neh~ :D :D

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