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.:.♥:♥.:. プリンセス雅 .:.♥:♥.:. (miyacchi) wrote,
@ 2004-08-08 00:47:00
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    Current mood: cranky
    Current music:silence of the night..

    .:.♥:.:.♥:♥.:. Fickle-minded me .:.♥:♥.:. .:.:♥.:.
    Yes~ i couldn't resist the temptation...!! I bought a new set of yukata again... ;X
    It looks pretty formal cos of the black & purple combi~ along wif chrysanthemums & sakura motifs... It may look somehow obaa-ish...but what the heck, i'm 21++ and going to 22 soon!!! ^^

    Orchard wass extremely packed, felt as if it was more packed than usual. When i reached Kino~ the queue for every counter wasss long!!! Kino 5th anniversary, storewide 20% discount for all items..!! hahaha i shld haf guessed it earlier instead of feeling astonished by the sudden purge of crowd. X.x;;

    I've been in town for the past 2 days, fri & sat. T_T Had went down to kino on fri to browse JJ-bis. wa s told tat the shipment was delayed & to return bk to the store at 8pm. I returned bk to the store at 8pm & was told tat shipment was super delayed & will only arrived on sat noon... Arrghhh... oh well.. no point getting angry over a trivial matter. ^^ JJ-bis was fine...but wasnt what i expected to see...especially wif AMI on her paris trip. Boring...really bored with ami now. Wanted to buy the mag but once i saw the long turnoff. I wanted to reserve the mag, so i cld return when there's lesser crowd...but the counter staff told me they won't be accepting any reservations within tis 3days due to the discount thingie. =_=

    I wish i can update u guys with moreee gossips, juicy bits & stuff..but everything seems normal.. & ordinary.. T_T

    Will try to update as much as i can. I can't wait to see all of u again @natsu matsuri.

    Nana, rika & karen~ hope to see u all at summer festival~ pls come.. *^_^* Make it as AYUNITE & blurty outing okke? *^0^*

    ps: kuromichan~ tis is for ya. i promised to show u my old & ordinary 'chandelier' at home.

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2004-08-07 14:12 (link)
i prefer this set to the previous set one yo!! (^.<)b
where got obasan-poi?? it's beri traditional kirei yukata yo!~ (^_^)

jj bis: but i love ayano's section da best yo!! Always PINK PINK ne!! this issue is too of cos!! SUGOI!!!! v(^O^)v
ayachan and junchan went to hawaii together!! still hab de~to stuffs~ nice to see those sweet couples!! kekeke!!
and sayaka teaching how to make her lovely curls yo!!!!

is nattie gg?? hope she'll be gg yo!! o(^O^)o

the chandelier doesn't look old here~ (^O^)/ this is the round type~ kawaii~ i like those crystal type.. with crystals dangling down.... aawwwww!!! d(*^O^*)b

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2004-08-07 22:16 (link)
hehehe~ sukoshii~ obaa-poi desho~! but i loveee the colorsss~! :D

i lovee the makeup section~!! there's tis part where misako teaches tips on hair curlinggg, okujyun on lips~! ami on eyes....!! i felt tat tis sept issue seems to feature alot alot of stuff than usual. i saw the EAE, emi - aya - eri part, reminds me of JAM. lol

ya, mine's the old-fashion chandelier~!! i loveee the same type as u~!! wif all da crystalssss dangling down! those are awesome...!!! my dream home, muz haf tat chandelier~ and there'll be a lounge wif swaroski crystalsss sticked onto the ceiling & walls...making it look like cosmic galactic skies...!! ;DDDD *daydreaming again* ^^;

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2004-08-07 19:01 (link)
hey miya.. do u think you're able to lend me ur old yukata..? cuz i really don't wanna buy and wear it once a yr..
get back to me k..? thx !

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2004-08-07 21:58 (link)
mochiron~!! yesss, sure i can lend it to u~! but i hope u dun mind tat its kindaa old. T.T *^_^*

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Re: rikAaa~!!!
2004-08-08 14:34 (link)
lol.. im glad enough that u wanna lend it to me :) ur "RikAaa~!!!" somehow makes me wanna laugh.. lol..

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Re: rikAaa~!!!
2004-08-11 02:08 (link)
heHee~ ^^ ahh~ how are we going to meet? :[

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Re: rikAaa~!!!
2004-08-11 11:05 (link)
i was looking for u in my msn list.. i swear we talk before in msn rite !! lol.. anyway.. add me in msn
then we discuss abt it okkk ??

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2004-08-08 10:19 (link)
i totally agree with kuromi chan~ i much prefer this set of yukata too~~ looks very sweet ne! definitely not obasan-ish at all~ come to think of it, i havent even met you before ne... keke~

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