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.:.♥:♥.:. プリンセス雅 .:.♥:♥.:. (miyacchi) wrote,
@ 2004-04-01 17:29:00
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    Yo~~ konnichiWassu!!! This entry's gonna made into really short...

    Just some updates, I've already resigned from SingTel, currently working for another telecom~ media company.
    *^-^* yay~~ finally outtaa that backstabbing, horrible office politics SingTel. \^o^/

    I've been really busy & lazy to update!! But rest assured i do visit blurtyyy religiously everydAY!! dun wanna lose touch wif my friendly blurtyyy princes & princesses, ya~ *^0^*

    Recently been eating lots & lotsss~!! All kaze's fault! ahahahaaa, blame it on him! We've been going to Crystal Jade to hab dinner way too often...3 days in a row!!! I lURVee their shanghai xiao long pau! yummY!!!

    Tomorrow's my off day! gonna dye hair & kazekun's gonna cut + highlight! We'll be going to the newly opened french restaurant near my house for dinner, ya & also to celebrate our 2years 7mth anniversary! *^-^*

    I'll try to take pixssss & update again really soon!! Lurve you all, lots & lotsss

    Yours truly,

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2004-04-01 20:55 (link)
hee hee good to see you blogging miya! (^^) " " " "

anticipate ur updates more in the future!! (^^) weee !!

crystall jade!! yumyum !! (^^)

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2004-04-01 23:21 (link)
you updated your blurty woman.... miss ya like helluve lotsa of time!!!! :D :D :D
i like that name "BARBIE PARADISE" .. ur new nickname for msn right? kekeke

remember take lotsa of PICTURES... it is time for you to show us how our princess miya is doing... want to see ur new color hair!

take care woman!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D

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2004-04-01 23:52 (link)
miya..~ glad dat u're doing fine.. :))

keke take more pics after u dye ur hair ya ~! tk careeeee

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2004-04-02 00:35 (link)
Miyabi !! *Hugz* how are ya ? hehe, I've been eating a lot too! >_<"
take care~**

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2004-04-04 09:17 (link)
hey there, glad to see ya ard.. =)
it's a BIG relief to avoid politics...i hate that too......~!!!!

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