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Zeeeee (missyslilbitch) wrote,
@ 2003-11-12 01:09:00
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    the ho at the table next to mine
    yeah so here is my first entry. it will be kinda depressing. i hate school. i had to go to campus safety for this piece of shit interview today regarding mysterious phone calls that were being billed to some chick who took a leave of absence last freakin year. some of the calls were made to my roomates home in jamaica and then some were made to my own home phone. this makes no sense because my friggin pin number got disconnected freshman year. why is albion so screwed up?

    on another note...i registered for MCAT classes today. they will start this weekend, saturday and sunday 12:30-2:30, 3-5:30. and every weekend till april. am i crazy??? here starts my meagre existence of having NO LIFE. all this so that i can get a good grade on ONE mother fing exam. day-uhm. i wish missy elliott or angelina jolie were here. then id be real happy:) TUPAC RESSURECTION COMES OUT FRIDAY. i miss tupac.

    kelly jus added another entry. i think she is high. maybe shes just gone overdrive on doing what she does when the fan is turned on. thats my kelly belly:) maybe ill get into my truck and drive three hours to chicago so that i can go and see her then we can turn on the fan when i get there. hahahahha.

    im out. peace all.


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2003-11-12 01:22 (link)
you are too freakin cute girl

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