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Maria (missyasemi) wrote,
@ 2004-01-07 14:13:00
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    Current mood:pleased

    Yesterday was a fun and eventful day. It started with the greatest event in our church year, The Epiphany. In our church this day is even more important than Christmas because it is the day that God spoke. The baptism of Jesus where God spoke and said, "this is my only begotton Son with whom I am pleased" (i think that's how it was said anyway).

    It was such a hot day so after church we (Mum, Dad and I) went to Wynnum. I lay under a tree and gazed into the sky through the branches and leaves of the tree I was lying under. I love that view, it's one of those beautiful moments which stay imprinted in my memory, as does the endless straight of blue sky and sea. I went for a walk on the jetty with mum, the jetty has stairs at the end that lead into the water. We went down them and just stood there for a bit while the waves splashed against our feet. I wish I could do this everyday, but at the same time it's something to look forward to on these days that i have off where the weather is perfect (i love hot weather).

    In the evening, Stamatia came and picked me up to go to the movies. We were to meet with Carol and Jess but we were late so we'd assumed they'd gone in. We purchased our tickets and went in to find that they weren't there so we met up with them after the movie. We saw Peter Pan and i loved it! I would have to say taht it definately is one of my fave movies! After the movie we went for coffee and we all indulged in my all time fave Italian hot chocolate. mmm i'm yet to meet anyone to like it as much as I do though. The conversation was a bit awkward as we don't all know each other well. Stamatia is my friend from highschool and Carol my uni friend who lives down the road. Jess is Carol's ex next door neighbour who I've met a couple of times before. We didn't all know each other well enough to just hit it off so it was all small talk at first with many silent moments. Then we started talking about my mum and her treatment. Jess gave me a contact for support and we all talked about what we knew about it. It was good to talk to someone who knew something about all this but at the same time I felt a bit emotional. I don't tend to like being in the center of the conversation and especially about something that I'm quite emotional about. I don't know why I'm so emotional about it because the truth is, i did want to talk about it, and I did want to know stuff. Anyway, after escaping to the ladies room for a bit, I cam back not feeling so emotional and we talked abit more. By the end of the night I was feeling alot better about the talk.

    Sleeping was a bit difficult as it was sooo hot. And I got woken up twice by my dad shouting on the phone to my brother about him not being home yet. It was only 12:30am so I didnt think my brother was that late, i just didnt see the need for my dad to be shouting like that. Overall though, it's got to be the best day I've had in awhile. I love being outdoors and going out with friends, it's not something I do very often and the combination of church, outdoors and company made for a brilliant day.

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2004-01-07 10:35 (link)
That does sound like a great day!

I hope your mom is okay.

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