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Maria (missyasemi) wrote,
@ 2003-12-17 22:52:00
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    Current mood:touched

    We got mum and dads xmas pressie yesterday. I've been looking around for wicker chairs for ages and it ended up being the first place that i visited that i ended up buying from. It was kinda fun running around to lots of different stores though coz i got to see heaps of different furniture and other interesting bits and pieces that I liked. So we bought the chairs yesterday and we were intending on hiding them somewhere until xmas morning and setting them up next to the xmas tress as a surprise, but we couldnt find anywhere to hide them. Plus mum and dad were suss that we were up to something - they thought that we bought a canoe and were trying to set it up under the house lol. The thought that coz i told them that i wanted to get into kyaking and we went looking for kiyaks (sp?) that same day. Anyway, we had no chance of hiding them so we ran around to the front door, set them up, rang the door bell and sat down and waited for them to come answer the door.

    Dad answered the door, the first thing he said was "you're mum's going to kill you" (but in greek), meaning that she wasn't going to be happy about us spending so much money. Anyway, I told him to call mum over. She was sooo excited. She's been wanting these chairs for ages (and i mean years) so i knew it would be the perfect gift. I wish my camera had it's batteries, I would have taken a photo of my mums face. I haven't seen her so happy in a long time, and she was surprised too :) We took the chairs inside and unwrapped them from their cardboard protective layer. Set them up and let mum and dad sit down. I can't forget how happy mums face was. I don't want to forget that look on her face, it was a very sweet and touching moment that i want to hold onto forever.

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