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MisstakenI.D. (misstakenid) wrote,
@ 2005-03-14 15:24:00
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    Current mood: drained
    Current music:Shine On - National Velvet

    Grande Pomme Awesome
    Havn't written in a while cause I was extremely busy and then just got back from NY. It was a fun time...hotel kinda sucked but it kinda reminded me of 3P...haha wooo.

    The 10 hr bus ride over night was killer on the way there, I didn't sleep at all so naturally I felt like shit the first day cause we pretty much did what we wanted right off the bus and couldn't cehck in tot he hotle till alter in the day. We shopped pretty much all that day, had a nap for a few hrs, went to see the Empire State building, headed to CBGBs then went to bed.

    Next day, we did the touristy stuff: MOMA, time square...stuff like that. Went down to China town and little Italy, ate at this little Italian restaurant called Fratelli' was amazing I highly recommend.

    Day after, we did more shopping, went to the met (had soem street meat for lunch outside), ate at Tom's was good there too, took the ferry to Staten Island and back.

    We left the following morning we left to head back home at 9:30. The bus ride home wasn't that bad, it seemed to go by faster than the one there but I was awake the whole time again. The only things I bought in NY were 3 prints, not very excting but oh well. Now I'm dead tired and I've got school work to think about again.

    My 8am class was cancelled glad I got a few extra hrs sleep...still need a few more. Thinking about going on the trip again next year if I have the $...I know I didn't get on at the mill for the summer so i won't be making as much as expected this summer but I've always been good at saving, and besides it's not like I'll be doing anything fun with the money this summer...oh how I wish I could find a job that pays well and I wouldn't have to go back to town for the summer.

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