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MisstakenI.D. (misstakenid) wrote,
@ 2005-02-24 16:29:00
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    Current mood: surprised
    Current music:This Love - Maroon 5

    Well I went home for 4 days and it was better than I thought. Monday was my testing like I said, tuesday was my dentist appointment...everythings good on that end looks like my wisdom teeth will come in properly and and won't have to get them removed *fingers crossed*...wednesday was my interview, or so I thought. I was up at like 7 that morning...couldn't sleep, think I was a little dressed up (something I completely hate....whats the point of dressing up for a job that ur gonna wear jeans and a tshirt anyways...ya ya I know good first impression) when I got there I was told my interview was today...hello, someone gave me the wrong info...o well btter being a day early than a day late...apparently the same thing happened to my brother when he went for the same job...weird!

    So I went out to breakfast with my grandma a little earlier than planned on wednesday. Then I met up with Rosie and we hung out all day. Went to visit the high old teachers were happy to see art teacher introduced me to his grade 9 class (I so didn't want that, they all looked at me like she's old enough to be a graduate from this place). Ran into a guy I've known fr a bit from school...I really don't know him that well but the way he greated me you'd think we were really close friends that hadn't seen each other in year. He gave me this huge hug...the kind that picks you up in the process....and then made my hug him and put my head on his chest....I was a little wierded out. Hit GT, and KFC with Rosie, went back to my place and played around there till we drove her to the turnoff to meet her dad.

    Interview went pretty well today. Come home, changed and got in the car to drive back to Res with dad. Unpacked all my food and clothes and now I have to get into all the hw I have to finish by monday...good thing its still quiet around here...maybe I'll get it all done quickly.

    Went to my

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