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MisstakenI.D. (misstakenid) wrote,
@ 2005-02-09 20:27:00
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    Current mood: devious
    Current music:Proud Marie - Tina Turner

    Ya...what a day
    Well Glenda stopped by quickly last night and dropped off soem food and stuff from home. She had planned on visiting for a couple hours and taking me shopping but she had to stop and go cause she was running late and now kristies plane was coming in like 2 hrs early...but it was nice to see her.

    So today I had a meeting for the NY trip but it was at the very beginning of my only class today...and aaaa we we having a test. I didn't think the meeting would be long so I wen to the meeting and when I showed up tot he class with the other 2 girls to write the test the prof walked us out of the room and started to tell us that seh couldn't write a new test for us....we were like y can't we write this one now and shes all u only have 30 mins left...I wanted to say okay, so shut up and give us the test or we will ahve even less time...she gave us the big "I don't like when students put non curricular activities before their academic studies" speech. Ya, pretty sure I'm paying good money to be here so if I want to go to a meeting about a trip that I'm going on then I will. Anyways I wrote the test and got like 46%...but so did half the class and they had full time to write it...I don't give a fuck its only 15% the class is a joke anyways. Oh and I assured her that we wouldn't be missing her class when we are gone...wouldn't want to make her mad again.

    Now that my friends is how you piss off a prof.

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