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MisstakenI.D. (misstakenid) wrote,
@ 2005-01-25 08:16:00
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    Current mood: annoyed
    Current music:The World's Gone Mad

    Class cancelled!
    Yes that's all they have to those two words on blackboard...preferably the night I wouldn't have to get up and be in class at 8 when the teacher is not there...AGAIN! Yesterdays class cancellation was fine cause it was in the middle of the afternoon so I got an extra hour to my afternoon (well kinda sorta, you see cause I was locked out of my room I couldn't really do anything but that was my stupidity) This morning I lost a few hours of the prof ever gonna be here? She's been getting visonary migraines...the doc told her to stay away from flourescent lights and computer screens...ok so computer screens can be avoided but the lights...hello you work at a school. Send in a sub if she's never gonna be here...even if I hate the class, I'm not paying for a class that I can't even go to if I wanted. It's all about the learning people...all about the learning. lol

    Did I say that I got my roomate to clean last night? Ya, I'm still in shock over that one. Well gonna do some homework that I planned on doing tonight and head to my second class early cause I have to ask some questions before printing and handing in an assignment that was suppose to be due last tues...but again...another prof not there.

    Missed the XXX hypnotist show last night...I bet it was halarious. I went to the first semester show but the no cash flow this semester led me not to attend again. So much for the fun.

    The World's Gone Mad - Handsome Boy Modeling School feat. Del The Funky Homosapien, Barrington Levy & Alex Kapranos
    | The songs cutting edge.

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