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Christina (missaguilera) wrote,
@ 2002-10-26 05:49:00
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    Current mood:creative
    Current music:Britney - Not a Girl..not yet a woman

    Vicky C's
    So, I found out today that I now get free underwear from Victoria's Secret. this makes me happy and a little uncomfortable.

    And makes me think of my two favorite parts of the day that are part of my ritual:

    1. showering in the morning. I love to watch the steam swirl in the morning with my just-awake sense of amazement and confusion. and then smells of lavender and juniper.. the textures, the feeling of soap and suds. The sensation of being alive and awake and comfortable of being okay and it being another day. Its a calm moment to myself before re-entering the world of people. Its yummy.

    2. Changing clothes at the end of the day. Finally allowing myself release not just from the constriction of "the new look" but from the whole role. Then I put on clothes I can slosh around in and be comfy. Clothes that don't mind dirt or rain or paint getting on them. Shoes that don't make me hurt. And slowly I feel my mind returning to myself and away from that illusion.

    I suppose they are both transitions - and they both mark the turning points of my day - Twin fulcrums upon which this sort of stylized existence centers. And at least I always have something to look forward to. :)

    and hey new layout...I'm proud

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Oooh and ahhh
2002-10-26 06:23 (link)
I love the layout. Shameless self-promotion, oh hell yes. And the pictures are gorgeous! Of course, Chrissy gets free underwear. Hook me up. =D

I know what you mean about the whole end-of-the-day deal. Even though in many aspects I really want to end my vacation and get out there, do something for the fans, perform, tour, record, do what I love -- I really need some time for myself. It's really nice for a lot of people, I'm sure, to sit around in sweats for a month not having to TOUCH makeup and just drink Red Bull like whoa.

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2002-10-26 10:52 (link)
I love the moments where I can relax in comfy clothes or PJ's and not having to worry about looking good to impress people.
I'm loving the layout. Very cool.

Oh, and before I forget, I'm Marit. :)

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2002-10-26 14:37 (link)
that's a nice icon. and wow you guys are really getting creative with those layouts.
it looks good.

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2002-10-26 17:19 (link)
Damn, nice layout. I think that all of you are way to technoligically advanced for me. *laughs*

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2002-10-26 19:13 (link)
*pokes you* Christina. Stop lurking. You're being a lurkey turkey. Come online so I can chat you up, foo. *laughs*

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