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*jAmiE* (miss_star9) wrote,
@ 2003-08-13 17:02:00
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    Current mood: pissed off

    Screw the anarchy that won't let me on my dead journal.. stupid crap.
    So, I came for Amy to see my story... read on... read on...

    Chapter 3

    “So, what have you been up to lately? Have you found yourself a girl?” Andrew asked Jordan who sat across the patio from him.

    “Oh nothing. And no, I’ve been single for a while now.” Jordan muttered as he looked at the ground.

    “Oh I see. Hey Jamie?” Andrew yelled as he turned in the chair.

    “Yeah babe?”

    “Can you bring me something to drink?”

    “Yeah give me a second.” Jamie yelled from inside. Jamie walked over and handed Andrew a glass of Iced Tea.

    “Is that cool?” Jamie asked.

    “Yeah. Why don’t you stay out here? It’s beautiful out.” Andrew said as he grabbed her hand to stay. “And you didn’t ask Jordan if he wanted anything.”

    “JORDAN? Would you like something?” Jamie growled.

    “Yeah. Let me get an iced tea too.” Jordan smiled.

    “Fine. I’ll be right back.” Jamie said as she turned to go back to the house. She slammed the screen door.

    “She’s wonderful.” Andrew smiled.

    “Is she really? I wouldn’t know.” Jordan muttered.

    “Yes. She is. She’s unbelievable, she’s co-manager of the band now. She’s great with the business.”

    “OH isn’t that nice.” Jordan replied.

    The screen door slammed again. Jamie walked over to Jordan. Jordan went to get up and pushed Jamie, right into the pool nearby.

    “JAMIE!” Andrew yelled jumping up. Jamie came to the surface.

    “BASTARD!” she screamed as she pulled herself out of the pool. She lunged at Jordan, but Andrew grabbed her in mid air. “LET GO! I’M GONNA FUCKIN’ KILL THE BASTARD!”

    “Jamie, calm down. He didn’t mean it. It was an accident.” Andrew said trying to restrain her.

    “I’m sorry Jamie. Really, I didn’t mean to. I’m clumsy. It’s my fault. I’m sorry.” Jordan said sheepishly.

    “Let go Andrew. I’m going inside. I swear to fucking god Jordan. Touch me again! Touch me again and YOU won’t have a life.” Jamie growled pushing her hair out of the way.

    “Yeah, I’d like to see you try.” Jordan snickered as Jamie stomped away back to the house. The screen door slammed again.

    “I’m gonna have to get that fixed if she keeps that up.” Andrew laughed. Jordan laughed.


    Later on, everyone was gathered together at Andrew and Jamie’s house just to hang out.

    “So you had to see her face. She was mortified. She seriously thinks Jordan’s gonna kill her. It’s sad. I mean, I think he’s past that all.” Andrew replied.

    “Well I would hope he was. You can’t dwell on those things.” Jeremiah Rangel replied.

    “Jamie’s just funny like that. She knows something’s wrong with him. She senses those things,” Amy, Jeremiah’s girlfriend, replied. “She really a great person though.”

    “She is. I just want them to be friends.” Andrew sighed.

    “Oh, I’m sure they will soon, Andy. Just give them some time, and I’m sure that Jamie will see that Jordan’s just hurt still,” Kate, Mike Golla’s girlfriend, replied.

    Andrew walked over to Jamie who was sitting at the table. Jamie was staring at Jordan who was across the yard talking to Tony Lovato and Benji Madden.

    “That’s so cool you guys are one now. Too bad what I had was taken away from me.” Jordan sighed.

    “Nah, I’m sure you’ll find someone else. I mean, we could give you Matt.” Tony laughed. “He’s been a bit heartbroken since Jere and Amy got together, but he’s so happy for him. He says it was just mostly fooling around. He doesn’t hate either one of them.”

    “He doesn’t?” Jordan asked.

    “No way. He’s happy for them. Well, come on Tony, I feel like swimming. Wanna help me into my bathing suit?” Benji asked winking at Tony.

    “Yes!” Tony screamed grabbing Benji’s hand and leading him to the house. “But uh, I forgot my bathing suit.” He giggled. [*writer’s note: thanks Kate for the line! Haha]

    “Well, then I guess you’ll have to go NAKED as always!” Benji laughed and kissed Tony’s forehead.

    “WOO!” Amy and Jeremiah yelled out in the background.

    “And you have others who think you should!” Benji giggled.

    “JAMIE!” Andrew yelled to Jamie who was deep in stare. She didn’t move. He walked over and kissed her forehead. She didn’t move again. “What do I have to do to get your attention Miss Jamie?” He thought for a second. He whispered in her ear.

    “Oh you would, would you?” Jamie smiled as she looked at him.

    “Ha, maybe. If you tell me what you’re staring at,” he said as he sat on her.

    “Do you like sitting on me?” she laughed.

    “Maybe. So what were you looking at?”

    “OH nothing. Nothing. Just watching everyone.”

    “THIS DANCE GOES OUT TO OUR HOSTS! JAMIE AND ANDREW!” Amy yelled out and put on Mest’s Hotel Room. Jeremiah and her started dancing like crazy.

    “I love them two. They’re so funny.” Jamie laughed as she started clapping. “YEAHH! WOOO! DANCE!” As they danced, Tony came out naked.

    “Now the party can start!” Tony screamed out.

    “Nice ass Lovato!” Andrew yelled.

    “Thanks Andy, you’re sexy too!” Tony yelled back as he walked to the pool. “CANNONBALL!”

    “Hey, Jamie, great tacos!” Kate said from across the table.

    “Yeah, they’re awesome.” Mike muttered talking with a taco in his mouth.

    “Well, I made them for you guys.” Jamie laughed.

    “Thanks!” Kate laughed.

    Chapter 4

    The party had continued until the wee hours of the morning. Everyone ended up staying at the house for the night. It looked like Mest’s video for “Jaded”. There were people everywhere.

    Jordan was walking around the house looking at the pictures on the walls and around the house. There were pictures of all their friends, Andrew and the band, Andrew and Jamie, Jamie and her friends, everyone together for their wedding. There was a gold frame on the mantle. Jordan picked it up and looked at it. It was Andrew, Jamie and Jordan from the day the first got together. Jordan started to well up. Tears started to fall. He remembered that day.

    “Hey Jord! Come here so we can take a picture all together!” Jamie yelled to Jordan who was talking to Ian.

    “Sure! Give me a second.” Jordan said as he walked away from Ian. “All right!”

    “Here Chad, take the picture!” Jamie smiled handing him the camera.

    “Sure. Aww, what a cute… cute, cute erm, couple? Or should I say like, threesome? What?” Chad laughed.

    “Shut up and take the picture man.” Jordan laughed.

    “Fine, smile!” Chad said as he took the picture.

    “Thanks,” Jamie giggled.

    “Those were the days. But she interfered.” Jordan dropped the frame on the floor. The glass shattered into millions of pieces. He laughed. “Shattered. Just like how their marriage will turn into.” He walked back to his room and waited for everyone to get up.

    “What happened here?” Stasia yelled out. “Jamie, a frame fell.”

    “Oh no!” Jamie sighed as she walked over to the broken glass. “Oh, well would you look at that. Pshh.” She picked up the frame and walked to the kitchen. She returned with a broom and pan. “Broke ass relationship.” She shook her head and cleaned up the mess.

    “Hey Jame, can you do me a favor?” Andrew asked.

    “Yeah hun? What’s up?” she asked bent over the pile of glass.

    “Jordan needs a ride back to his house. Can you take him?”


    “Yeah, just drop him off. Oh, come on. It won’t kill you. Jeez, Jamie. Please, I need to meet Brian and Josh down at the studio. Everyone’s leaving now. So please? Can you?”

    “Yeah I guess I can. But I swear…” She was cut off by Andrew’s kiss.

    “I love you. Thank you,” he said as he broke the kiss. “I’ll see you when I get home. Love ya!”

    “I love you too,” she yelled after him. “Great,” she muttered.

    “Well, Chad and I would take him, but he lives closer to you than us. I’m sorry. Plus on the bright side, you can talk to him for a bit and see how he’s doing.” Stasia smiled.

    “Yeah I guess.” Jamie said as she walked back to the kitchen to return the broom. “Jordan!! Are you ready?”

    “Yeah,” he said as he walked into the kitchen.

    “The truck is in the garage. I’ll be out in a second.”

    “Alright.” Jordan walked out the door to the mudroom that connects to the garage.

    “I’ll see you later Stasia. Thanks for coming again!” Jamie replied as she hugged Stasia.

    “Anytime, I’ll call you later. CHAD! CHAD! Where are you?! Get out of that room! I’ll talk to you soon. I’ll lock the door behind me. Bye!” She left with Chad in tow. Jamie walked out the door to see Jordan standing by her Tahoe.

    “Alright, it’s unlocked.” Jamie muttered trying not to look at him. She got in the truck and started it up.

    “Listen, Jamie. I don’t want any hard feelings between us.” Jordan said as they pulled down the street.


    “Yes. I’m sorry I’ve avoided you for so long. I just can’t handle the rejection. You know that.”

    “I know. But Jordan, I told you that it wasn’t going to last for long.”

    “I know, but it could have for a while.”

    “No, not really. We’re all getting older Jordan. Telling our families about something like that wouldn’t make them too proud you know. I mean I’m only 24 and Andy’s 26, it’s time we had to settle down. Have a family while the time is right. You’re going on 29. You need to get on and make a family for yourself man.”

    “Yeah, you’re right. I should. I met this really nice girl at your party.” Jordan laughed.

    “Good. Good. Well, we’re here. You’re a great person Jordan. I still love you like my family man. Don’t pull away anymore. I miss the fun stuff we’ve done.” Jamie smiled.

    “Cool. Hey Jamie, could you come in for a few minutes. I have some of Andrew’s stuff I think he’d like it back after all this time.” Jordan said as he got out of the truck. “Just pull into the driveway.”

    “Alright.” Jamie started up the truck again and pulled into his driveway. She got out and walked up to his house. Jordan unlocked the door.

    “Come on in. It’s a bit messy, so don’t mind it.” Jordan said as he walked into the front hall.

    “OH it’s no problem. So where’s this stuff?”

    “Oh just in the room there.” He pointed to the first door on the right.

    “Alright. I’ll go in there and get it.” Jamie smiled.

    “Right. I’ll be in there in a second. I just wanna go put my stuff down.”

    “Alright.” Jamie walked into the room and turned on the lights. It didn’t turn on. The room was dark. She walked in and tripped over something. “Fuck.” She tried to get up, but she had hurt her leg on whatever that was. “JORDAN! I’m hurt. Can you help me?”

    “There’s no help for you now.” Jordan laughed as he appeared in the door. “Andrew can’t help you now. You’re gonna feel the same pain I’ve felt for the last year you bitch. You took what was mine, and I’m taking it back.” He laughed.

    “NO! I KNEW IT! You’ve hated me ever since Andrew chose me! You sick bastard! Why don’t you take this up with Andrew HUH? He’s the one who made the decision. Not me. HIM! Don’t hurt me Jordan. Please.” She started crying. “Why, why Jordan?”

    “If I can’t have him, no one will. Not even you. You came out of nowhere. He and I were the best thing. He was everything I had. No, no, you took him from me. I will make you feel the pain, the pain and loneliness I’ve felt for the past year.” He walked over, turned on the lights and handcuffed her to the large table that was nearby.

    “OH so you think kidnapping me would solve your problems? Andrew’s gonna find out and then what? You’re taking all he ever loved away. He’ll hate you forever. He won’t want you! HE DOESN’T LOVE YOU!” Jordan slapped her. She spit at him.

    “He does so.”

    “And how do you know! He does not. He told me. He told me he’d never love anyone else except me.” He slapped her again. “YOU THINK THAT HURTS? FUCK YOU!”

    “He will love me. You’ll see.”

    stupid crap...


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2003-08-13 17:18 (link)
so good
better comment on DJ

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