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Mickey's sexy Mouse (miss_garfield) wrote,
@ 2004-03-29 17:36:00
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    Current mood: ecstatic
    Current music:Faith Evans--I Love U

    The Kiss
    Yo... today had to be 1 of the great 1's. Here it goes...I wake up to a bangin ass breakfast then i had 2 clean my room, which wasnt so bad. I was finished around 1ish. played w/ my pops 4 a while then took an hr long shower. The my nigga Tasha called and asked 4 me 2 go w/ here 2 her sister's softball pratice. We left around 3 and stayed 2. 4:30. And u know how it was windy? My black ass was cold ass hell!!!! Then we went to the store and bac home. There waz mad boys out side including sexy ass Jamie. Boy so damn fine. Me and Tasha and her sis. went 2 the parc, where even more boy's were. Mudda, Tim, Jon, Reggie,Will, Mike, Hass, everybody. We chilled and played till like 6. Then i took mudda's hat and ran w/ it. He chased me in efforts 2 get it bac which really wasnt gonna happen. Then...He KISSED Me!!! Sound lame huh? believe me its not. i've liked him 4 a long ass time and that kiss meant the world 2 me he has no idea. But n e ways we went bac by my house and sat on the wall.Like 20 of us. then ppl started 2 leave, leavin just me tasha, hass, Jon, Caramel, Mudda, and brandon. we chilled there 4 a long time. next Hass, tasha, n muda went in the house. then more ppl came. bot around 9 i went in the house 2 watch Brittney spears in concert which might i ask was wack
    n e ways g2g
    Luv u

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2004-03-29 23:59 (link)
arent u the happy one

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