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Michelle Branch (miss_branch) wrote,
@ 2003-05-09 13:11:00
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    I left my heart in San Francisco...

    *plays the guitar calmly whilst standing on the stage during rehearsal with the band, stops when the lunch bell rings*

    Thank God.

    *grins all childishly, runs backstage and walks into my dressing room in which the band are all chilling in one corner*

    *tiptoes to one side of the room where no one is, I spot a tray with sandwiches on top of a table, I squeal quietly and grab one, along with a juice pack which happened to be on the tray as well, then tiptoe out of the room, walk back to the stage, sit down on it and eat my light meal while watching staff and crew mosey around the place*

    San Francisco, the city I love. I'm having my concert here in five days, and I'm so.. eh. Nervous, yet extremely excited. Haven't performed in front of people for a short little while, I love doing it though. *smiles and takes a sip of my juice* My album is finally done, scheduled to hit stores next month, perfect summer album. And "Are You Happy Now?", the song I chose to be my first single off the album has been playing in some radio stations every now and then. Some may have heard it, some may have not, but I have.. hee.. and I personally am proud of how it turned out. Hopefully people like it, I'm.. well.. nervous yet excited about this too. And this sandwich, too good.

    *finishes eating the sandwhich, curls the paper wrapper up, gets up and walks back into the dressing room for more*

    *tosses the empty wrapper into a trash bin and walks back to the corner with the food*

    I'll gain lots of weight one of these days. *looks at the sandwich tray, all tempted to take another one* Well it couldn't hurt to have just one tiny little more. *grins, takes a sip from the juice pack and grabs another sandwich, then runs out of the room and back on the stage*

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2003-05-09 19:02 (link)
Good luck with your tour, babe ;)

I'm sure you'll do great and I really wish I could catch one of the shows.

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2003-05-16 16:26 (link)
Aw, thank you sweetie. If you're somewhere near where I'm performing, let me know, I'll hook you up with tickets. And I'd like to catch one of your shows too, I'd like to see my girl perform.

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2003-05-23 17:57 (link)
You're welcome, babe ;)
But unfortunetly I don't think I will be, with only 5 dates left .. two of which are in Japan and then the remaining dates being in Australia. But as soon as i'm off then i'll try my best to see you :)

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