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Miss Amy (miss_amy) wrote,
@ 2003-06-07 10:46:00
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    Current mood: disappointed

    Yesterday was cool...

    I went to math. Then to Rachel's English. Then I found Mandi and her friend and followed them to her friend's art class. Then Char's lunch. Then stayed for my lunch. Then walked around the halls with Jenn and Rach, but Mr Martin caught us and we sat in his room for a few minutes. I was thinking of skipping his class, but Bobby and Kyle said they were going, and I really wanted to say goodbye to them. I love those kids. After that 14 minute period was over (half day, w00) I wandered down to the cafeteria again, couldn't find anyone, so I went in the bathroom and fixed my makeup and listened to some girl on a cell talking to her boyfriend, bragging about how she's such a slut and could cheat on him whenever she could, and how she did. Fuckin disgusting. Then I went back to Mr. Martin's for bio, then study hall, and wee! We were out at 11:00...I thought it was gonna be noon, but an hour shorter...hell, I didn't complain.

    I had some tears in my eyes leaving. I know, I'm a dork. But two months and some without a lot of my friends is really gonna kill me. And Myke never showed up, so I didn't get to say goodbye =( I don't have his number/email or anything either =(

    I rode Rach's bus home. One of the first things I did was call Andrew's cell but after a few rings he didn't pick up so I gave up. Then some sense came into my head..."Rach, what time is it?"


    "Psh, right, like he'd be awake now."

    We were gonna make cookies, and got out the cookie dough, but we made cookie cupcakes instead! I mean, Rachel made the cookies. I had a spoon and picked out some chocolate chips for myself.

    Thennnn Pinky called to say that her boyfriend Adam was driving her over..they came, and we went to Blockbuster for movies and then to Sally's to get my bleach/dye. Adam and Pinky are so cute together...they look like a Hollywood couple. She's the mirror image of Katie Holmes.

    We got home at 1:15 or so...I got bored and tried calling Andrew again, and after about 3 rings he picked up...I love his voice, it's sexy =)
    Rachel kept picking up the other phone and talking a mile a minute to him...god, I couldn't understand her either!

    We ordered P'Zones from Pizza Hot and first watched Abandon. It was actually really good..I like it. It was really confusing at the end, but Pinky cleared it up for me. Then they put Fear dot com on and ugh, not only was it boring and stupid, but scary movies really aren't supposed to put you asleep...
    Van Wilder was one of the most hilarious movies I've ever watched though.

    Pinky mixed the bleach and I sat at the kitchen table while she applied it...she started at the top of my head and put a hell of a lot in. Within 5 minutes, they gave me a mirror and I almost screamed. I've never seen my hair anything but dark...
    But the bleach wasn't they left me alone while they went out and got more. I looked through Rachel's old 8th grade yearbook and recognized a lot of people. It's funny...some people looked a lot different, but most of them looked exactly like they do now. It was really funny...kinda scary, too. You'd think some major changes would occur in a course of almost 4 years.

    After what seemed like an hour later, they came back..mixed some more of the stuff, put it in my hair...It didn't go on that well...half my hair is black from the last time I dyed it, and the upper half of my hair was brown from my roots. So..the upper half was now bright blonde, and the lower half just lightened to a light brown. 2 hours later they washed it out and whoa, it looked so cool! My hair went from blonde, faded to orangish with black and brown streaks through it. I was in love with it...but they wouldn't let me keep it like that.
    They also bleached 2 small sections of their hair and dyed it candy apple red, but it turned out hot pink. heh.
    Then we put the dye in my hair..the purple dye...and half an hour later...

    It turned out all wrong.
    Because of my naughty black dyed hair and the bleach not being able to go through it, i now have purplish-bluish on the top of my head, and after that it's brown with orange streaks.

    It really doesn't look all that great. I'm gonna hafta wear my hair up for a few days. I hate doing that.

    We're gonna bleach it again next Friday and redye it so all of it is purple...but I'm gonna hate this for a week.

    They thought it looked fine...and it did, yesterday, in the dark, while my hair was still wet. And it looked all right in my mirror right before I got to bed after Rach dropped me off at 11:30...

    But then i woke up this morning.
    Looked in the mirror again.
    And almost cried.


    I had fun though.

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