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Miss Amy (miss_amy) wrote,
@ 2003-05-15 16:59:00
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    Current mood: confused
    Current music:Criminal~Fiona Apple

    I haven't been feeling too hot lately.

    I pretty much helped my best friend drop out of skool...yesterday being her last day. [Tiff]. She used to be my best friend in the entire world, but then this year something just happened...she broke away from our little "group" and we barely speak anymore. When she talks to me, she acts as though we're still close, but I know better. That's why we haven't seen each other outside of school in what seems like forever, and I haven't gotten a phone call from her since....September?

    The girl who planned on being my "best friend forever and growing up to be an old lady with you, and we'll sit in our rocking chairs and scare our grandchildren with stories of our adventures together."

    Yeah. Good one...

    Now that she's dropped out, I doubt I'll see her again. Oh, I will...maybe a few more times..then that's it. Her, her mom and her brother are getting kicked outta their apartment and will most likely be going back to Harrisburg, which has been her dream ever since we both moved in this area 3 years ago. Once she's there, to hell with us. She has her job, her car, and her new group of friends.

    I guess everyone goes through this...
    Though I feel like I no longer have a best friend, even though she hasn't been much a friend to me lately. She's the only one that I really told everything to. Rach has been my backbone for quite a while now, but she just isn't Tiff. She doesn't go out of her way to act like an idiot in random places, or try to start fights with people who deserve to get beaten. She doesn't call, crying because there's a knot in her hair and if she can't get it out, what would Bill think of her?

    Good god I need to shut up now...I really can't think of this anymore.

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2003-05-15 18:05 (link)
yeah thats what happened to my "best friend" my "group" of firends didnt like her and they always hurt her feelings and talked behind there back and we jsut kinda dirfted away but we are still friends..but not best friends, sometimes i think she doesnt need me ..i unno

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