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Michelle (mishi55) wrote,
@ 2006-10-26 13:41:00
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    Current mood: okay
    Current music:James Ingram & Michael McDonald - Yah Mo B There

    Last night after senior sem Dr. McDaniel held a small lecture about finding a career with an english major. I guess I've just been frustrated with the whole process of job searching, because one day I want to do one thing, and the next it's something completely different. It was a long day altogether, between night class and that lecture I wasn't done til 10:30, and then I came back to work on my death penalty table for Amnesty and read a chapter for management. Luckily for me I got to talk to Ryan on the phone too, so that always makes my day.

    Today is very busy, and it's far from over. I went to management this morning, then went straight to the library to make copies. Then to the Amnesty table, then lunch, then back to the table. I'm going to sit and read as soon as I'm done with this, go to the table and set up again, then aerobics and dinner. Can't wait til some sitting occurs, haha. But honestly I really like being busy because that way I don't sit around and have nothing to do. It makes me feel like I have some purpose when I get up in the morning since there's a ton to do. I'm really going to miss school a lot, because in the real world I might have the same boring routine every single day and only have time to play on the weekend. Ugh.

    I got this awesome poster today at the alcohol awareness thing. It's a picture of Stevie Wonder and it says that before he would get into a car with a crunk driver, he'd drive himself first. I chuckled as soon as I saw that and had to have it. Sweet.

    Ever have one of those weeks or so when your body just rebels against you? Now of course I know logically that my body is just fine the way it is and the clothes that fit 3 days ago still fit today, but now they just don't LOOK right. I feel like I can't get my hair right, and my makeup is fading. I just feel well...fat. Like uncomfortable in my own skin, which is crazy, I know! How stupidily girlish of me. Because I still have the same body from yesterday and will have the same one tomorrow, and tomorrow it will look lovely, I'm sure. Because I do think I'm cute, don't get me wrong. This isn't a 'pity me' rant. It's just odd. But I know it will pass too, so that always helps.

    Tonight there is a senior party at Napalitos, and I'm going to make an appearance with Krystle and Shannon. Hopefully Jess will come when she gets back from watching Emily. I love all the girls at school now, but I can't help but be sad that so many of my friends graduated and moved on. A part of me keeps hoping to see Ryan, Sloe, Lydia, Kate Slippey, and the Coterie to show up at these senior things, but of course I know they won't. Sigh.

    Well I best go read. Luckily it's a beautiful day outside! Hooray! Until next time.

    The adventure continues...

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