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Michelle (mishi55) wrote,
@ 2006-03-29 17:08:00
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    Current mood: content
    Current music:live - I alone

    in like a lion, out with a final
    March is coming to a close. Hard to believe, really. This year has gone fast. But I say that every year, don't I? Lauren Sanker stopped by today to give me the Godiva bear from Valentine's Day. Very cute, and I'm sure Mum will be so excited to see the collection growing, ha. I have to schedule for next semester on April 5th, and I just discovered that Dr. Zauhar won't be coming back next year. She got a new job at Pitt Johnstown. I find myself sad hearing that. Maybe it's the familiarity, or the fact that I think she liked me. Most possibly because I don't like the idea of change, knowing that this place will continue long after I leave and soon I will be a distant memory at best.

    So I'm going to enjoy whatever time I have left here. I want to spend it wisely, doing my work but also being with good people. Jessica and I are planning on moving into Aurelius hall next year, which we're excited about. The woman she is babysitting for is selling a townhouse, so she is letting Jessica take some furniture. Hopefully that means a long couch for our future room (sorry loveseat). Poor loveseat, I sit here and gaze at you from across the room, and even with your holes and tattered edges, or the way you're slanted, I still love you. I still find comfort in your 35 year old foam cushions, even though the armrests would give anyone neck pain they won't forget. That's what character is. And the best thing is, you were free!

    But anyway, the weather is slowly getting warmer too. That's probably the thing I'm most excited about. Reading outside in the sun is always pleasant. The frisbee tournament should be coming soon, and that means a visit from Katie, yay. Lauren S. told me with Claire leaving and Ashley already gone, this summer at Godiva will be her, Nancy, Jess, Jennie, myself, and Jenn (once every two weeks or so). I'm excited to see everyone again, not so excited to stand there for hours with nothing to do. At least maybe this summer I can get some poetry written. Or wait, how could I forget? I'll be cramming in intermediate writing for the first six weeks! Blah.

    But one thing I'll enjoy about taking a summer class is the driving. Hold on, bear with me. I'm sure I won't just love it every time, but I like the drive to school, especially when the weather is beautiful. With the rolling hills of the Laurel Highlands, it makes for a great scene. And anyway, it can be Michelle time, with no puppies barking, tvs, and for a moment I can forget that I'll probably be really behind on my work, or the fact that I have to close at the mall that night. It's the small things in life that make it that much better. Until next time.

    The adventure continues...

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