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Michelle (mishi55) wrote,
@ 2006-03-18 16:44:00
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    Current mood: mellow
    Current music:a perfect circle - judith

    The busy week leads to another busy week ahead. Two tests next week that I'm not looking forward to. The end of the semester is almost in sight, and when this happens I always get a knot in my stomach from all the work I'll have to cram together. Oh well, it can be done.

    I got the chance to see Carrie's new baby before I left to come back to school from spring break. She's just adorable. Babies always amaze me. The idea that the lump in your belly is a real person with personality, thoughts, hopes, fears, dreams, memories, is almost too much for my tiny human brain to handle. That's probably why we're not in control of everything - we'd never be able to handle it.

    I got the Physics of Star Trek out of the library to read it again. I only got through the first couple chapters when I read it a few years ago - I got lost during the equations and concepts that flew quickly over my head. Now it's going much better. But understanding possible time travel won't help me with my philosophy grade, will it?

    The poem I submitted got into the school's literary magazine. I'm really excited. I honestly didn't think it would get in. The last poetry reading I went to on campus with Jess proved that there are a lot of talented writers at this school. It'll be really neat to see something I wrote in print. And even though I manage to embarass myself in every Creative Writing class, I'm glad that I'm taking it. It's actually helped me to write.

    I got to talk to Katie on Thurs, which was great. She's going to come up to campus again for the annual Bill Saxe frisbee tournament. That will be fun. Hopefully this year I won't get horrible sunburn from watching her play, stupid me.

    You know, I always tell myself that I shouldn't waste time dwelling on silly things, but sometimes I catch myself doing it. I don't devote hours or even minutes doing it, but sometimes for just an instant I'm thinking about things that never got resolved, things I hate, battles I never fought. But ultimately it is what it is - silly time wasters. Much more important things to worry about, like what I'll be doing next. But wouldn't you just love to tell that one person that their intrusion into your life was none of their business? Convince them to feel sorry for the terrible things they say and do? Just once? Maybe they'd realize that life is too short to hurt others. That maybe one person can really change things? I guess not, it's a silly idea. Until next time.

    The adventure continues...

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