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Michelle (mishi55) wrote,
@ 2006-02-15 14:16:00
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    Current mood: accomplished
    Current music:crossfade - cold

    let's start a revolution
    I've always imagined revolutions as huge undertakings where an individual doesn't really make much difference. They always involve societal upheaval and bloodshed. But now I have realized that this is not always true. In fact I've decided to begin my own revolution. It's a movement against stupidity, immaturity, and agressive nonsense. And it can start with me.

    I am far from perfect, and I get myself into these really stupid situations sometimes. I think everything can be handled correctly, and then before I know it I've got insane people trying to beat down my door and kick my ass. Blast. But hey, doesn't this happen to the best of us? And in the past I've let them get to me, emotionally bruise me and force me to question my own worth as a human being: did I do something wrong? am I a bad person? maybe they're threatening me for a good reason?

    Well no more.

    I encourage everyone out there to join me in this: there is absolutely no reason to put up with idiocy. No one should ever force you to act in a manner less than yourself, make you feel bad, or think less of your status as a human being. This is a perfectly peaceful revolution. Why? Because I am not going to reduce myself to any violent behavior unless it is self defense. And the truth is, most threats are empty anyway. Of course, I'm not encouraging anyone to go into dark alleyways and confront an armed assailant. Let's not be stupid. I'm just saying no one should put up with the liars, users, psychos, control freaks, abusers, and jerks that confront us in everyday society. We need to argue affectively: with brains over brawn. Let's stand up for ourselves and say, "I am an independent human being who deserves respect."

    I've noticed a lot of stupid battles are mostly mental. You take someone down in a battle of wills, and no one has to get a black eye in the process. A lot of idiots will try to intimidate people they see as lesser beings by throwing their weight around. They probably have some internal insecurity and lack of self worth, so they can only feel good about themselves if they put someone else down. It's really sad.

    So what do you do if you're confronted by an idiot? I've come up with some important ideas:
    1. ALWAYS keep your cool. Keep calm! Remember, this person is far less intelligent than you.
    2. Don't insult the person like a child. Refrain from swearing at the person. That just reduces you to their level and makes you look immature.
    3. NEVER threaten someone with bodily harm. Let them do that to you. If this situation has to involve the law, you look a lot better by not threatening someone's physical well being.
    4. Stick to your guns. I mean that as a figure of speech, ha. Don't deviate from what is important in the situation.
    5. NEVER let that moron get to you. I think that's one of the most important things.

    Recently this insane woman imed me and started this argument with me. Without ever meeting me, she told me that when we met "one of us would be walking away while the other would be picking themselves up off the ground". Blah blah, she'd make it so I couldn't walk anymore, yadda yadda. How idiotic. So instead of threatening her or getting angry, I quickly typed back that I felt really sorry for a woman who could only feel better about herself by threatening someone she didn't even know. 'Cause I do. That must be rough to be so immature and insecure that she had to feel better about herself by trying to scare me. Well as part of my revolution, silly threats will never scare me. Ever. So of course, she calls me every name in the book and says she coming to find me. I say go ahead. Her response? Nothing.

    Why? Because empty threats don't work. They shouldn't work on you, me, or anyone. The sad thing is, idiots will always be around, but it is up to the rest of us to make a difference and say, "No More". They only use stupid techniques to argue because they've worked before - but not anymore.

    We're going to live our lives just as we're supposed to. We're going to ignore every idiot jumping up and down trying to get attention. Because they're not worth the effort or breath. So join me, will you? Let's stand up and feel great about who we are. Until next time.

    The adventure continues...

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