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That Girl Possessed (misfit_stickout) wrote,
@ 2004-09-19 16:22:00
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    Current mood: ecstatic
    Current music:Cinnamon Hearts - Ataxia

    THE SHOW!!
    WELL!! The show was fucking awesome. Too awesome. Amazing. I'm speechless even after a day of recooperating.


    Okay, I get there, hanging out with Manda, Roberta, Cairn-Ann, Jon, Matt, Raedan, Mez, Amy, Libby, Olivia and...people. Cairn-Ann kept getting bored and wanting to go on "adventures", so we would skip around the building. ON one of our adventures, I skipped right by George and I was like "Oh my God. Cairn-Ann, that was George." and she was like "WHAT?! Let's go back." and sure enough IT WAS FUCKING GEORGE LOOKING SEXY AS HELL!! So we went back to the front of the line and we were all squeezing and moving back and forth, and, oh my God, it was hilarious. Jon was standing behind this guy and Ben kept hitting his ass, and the guy, (he was sooooo funny), he'd turn around and be like "MY ASS!! STOP HITTING MY ASS!!" and Jon thought it was me, so he pointed a finger at me, and I was like "JON! I NEVER! I WOULD NEVER DO THAT TO YOU!" and then I didn't let go of his finger, and he told me, but said I could keep holding it, so I did, all night. xD It was so funny. I was holding his finger, and everyone was screaming and banging on the doors because they weren't opening them, and Matt was between me and Jon and I said "I think my hand is on someone's ass." and Ben's like "Maybe it's Matt." and Matt said "Yeah, that would be my ass." I was like "Ah, thank you." THEN, we got in and bought shirts and stuff, (I got a blue shirt with ALEXISONFIRE on it, same ass Matt), and we found a place to put all our shit. I Hate Sally started off, so me, Amy and Cairn-Ann stood in the middle of the Mosh Pit to wait. When they started everyone was going fucking nuts, and I'm a show virgin, so I wasn't prepared for it. I got pushed to the front, met up with Mez and moshed a bit. After the first song, I was pushed right up to the stage, and I was crushing some girl so hard I could barely breathe, so people were trying to pull her up, and I pushed everyone back so they could pull her up, but then I was at the front. Mez had already been pulled up, and I was stuck with my leg up against a table. This security guy wouldn't help me up, so some guy rushed over and pulled me up. I got down and some other guy told me not to do that again. I was like "...what?"

    After I Hate Sally (not my favourite fact, I hated them. I hate the lead singer chick), they had Closet Monster. Really good band, everyone I talked to thought they were awesome, but I stayed back and just chilled out for their set. I stood with Libby and Olivia because they hate moshing, and by now I was convinced my night was ruined. So, Hopesfall came on, and I just stood and whatever. THAT'S when I realized I was saving my energy for Alexisonfire. I wanted to mosh like hell, but I didn't. Hopesfall were awesome, but I was waiting for Alexisonfire.

    AFTER THAT, (Jesus) we were waiting for Alexisonfire to come on and Dallas had already walked by me once, and me and Cairn-Ann had had a fit when I told her, but Libby wanted his autograph, so she asked and he promised her in a minute, but he needed to get something. LIBBY WAS SHAFTED BY DALLAS TWICE! It was hilarious.

    So Alexisonfire come up and do their set. For the first 2 or 3 songs I just nodded and stood. But, after that, I met up with some friends from grade 5 and 6 and a girl from my building, so we all moshed. They played:
    No Transitory
    That Girl Possessed
    White Devil
    Get Fighted
    Polaroids of Polar Bears
    Pulmonary Archery
    Waterwings (and other poolside fashion faux pas)
    Little Girls Pointing and Laughing

    Not in that particular order, but they were amazing. By the end, all the people I had met up with were moshing like fucking crazies. It was too amazing to put into words. After the show, I was sweating so bad, my hair was plastered to my head and my shirt was soaked. I got my shit, but Libby still wanted Dallas's autograph. SO me, her, Jon and Ben went to find him, and (I think it was Jon) gave George his, Ben, Matt and Raedan's C.D.! So George was walking around with Ataxia's C.D. in his pocket!! It was unbelieveable. CRAZY. So I hugged George and told him I loved him and that their set was amazing. Then Jon and Ben talked to him, and then we went to find Dallas. I gave Ben a sticker and he got it signed. I got Dallas's autograph and told him he was amazing. He gave me this huuuuuuge hug, squeezed me, and was like "Thank you so much. That's so cool. Thank you." I just said "Thank /you/. You're so amazing." Ben was like "Yeah, and you're such a good guitar player." and I was like "Holy shit, yeah, you're so great." So we went back to George because Dallas was being bombarded, or he was busy, or something. I got George's autograph, and said "Hiiiiiiiiii." Really innocently. He copied me, and said "Hiiiiiiiii." back! I was like "How are youuuu?" He was like "I'm greaaaaat." Or something to that extent. I told him he was awesome, and we bugged and talked to him a bit longer before we were kicked out. I held Jon's finger and then gave everyone hugs and left and got a ride home with Bryan.


    I have soooo many stickers, they gave them out free, along with their Accidents single and The Bled single.

    SO THE NIGHT HAS COME TO AN END. I've gotten thrown around, elbowed in the head, and am forming a huge bruise on my hip. I have a big cut that's turning into a bruise on my leg, I have a small cut that bled like hell on my arm, and I hurt everywhere. AND THAT'S ONE OF THE BEST PARTS!!

    I'm no longer a show virgin. That was the best night of my life.


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2004-09-19 17:59 (link)
The good kind of hurt

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2004-09-20 12:53 (link)
Exactly. Who the hell is this?

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2004-09-19 21:14 (link)
Brittie you sexy beast! I'm so glad you had a good time!!!!! :-D I, personally, am not too fond of Alexisonfire but I'm glad you loved the concert and had a superduper time. BTW who is George? Lmao I'm such a people virgin

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2004-09-20 12:43 (link)
George is the lead screamer. Dallas plays the guitar and sings.

They're both the two sexiest men alive, and it's not just me who think so. Everyone I talk to thinks they're gorgeous. AND THEY ARE!!

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