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Rachel (miseryhead) wrote,
@ 2003-11-10 21:19:00
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    Current music:APC-The Hollow

    but when i saw you, my anger went away.
    well this is the update that is for alex! hope you like it man:

    since i havent updated in a while i shall tell you about this weekend cause it was pretty cool.

    friday: melissa came over after school and we chilled here for a while cause we were waiting for mi madre to come home. while waiting we made a really good smoothie with peaches, strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. so then my mom came home and we were off to the christmas craft fair which wasnt as bad as i was expecting. me and melissa kinda went off to look at some gingerbread houses that were i must say quite impressive and then we went and got some free food and stuff. even though we were both really full, we just had to eat the samples cause we felt if we didnt we were letting our country down. hehe. i tried a lot of Cajun flavored things just for the sake of Gambit. i also bought a bow and arrow thing and it rocks.

    saturday: i went to felipe's house at like 1:00 after waking up felipe at 11. hehe. i rock. when i got there alex, andy, ryan, and felipe were all kinda sitting around. about an hour after i got there, felipe's rents called and said they were coming home from florida and they were close, they lied. they were still in florida, they just said that to scare felipe which i must say worked. so then we watched american history x, how high, american pie, and some south park episodes, gi joe, and some george carlin. (not in that order and not right after eachother) jen came over around 11 and stayed until 6 am cause we definately stayed up all night. at about 4 we sent andy and jen to 711 to get some food and drink which was good cause it was. me and alex claimed the bed and didnt move from it the whole night, everyone was jealous. so needless to say saturday rocked. a lot. :)

    sunday: my dad came over and we went looking for a videocamera for me cause he's gonna buy me one. how awesome is that, i'm gonna have a videocamera...yay! so yeah we did that and then later on that night Rick called and it was the first time i talked to him all weekend and it was..nice :)

    well today was good too but i dont think i wanna go into detail its already long enough. feel free to comment though, it would be nice and i know all of you who read this are nice :) i will now leave you with Jimmy Gnecco, this ones for you alex...since the whole update is as well. heh.

    i love Rick Cullen. a lot.

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2003-11-10 22:35 (link)
Updates are cool. Saturday was really fun. And if you get a video camera...We could make a skateboarding video! Haha that would be too cool.

That's so great Felipe's 'rents are still in Florida, I mean I can't believe we bought that. "They're coming home because it is raining." Who does that?

Bow and arrow eh? Are you going to become some sort of archeress? I don't know if that's a word, but hey. Sam Crosby used to be into archery.

Ok, well I'm gonna go and get some sleep...maybe. I will catch you tomorrow or whenever. See you.

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