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Rachel (miseryhead) wrote,
@ 2003-10-17 16:50:00
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    Current mood: sad
    Current music:APC-The Noose :)

    seven months
    well today and the past few days have been kinda gay. i guess i shall elaborate a little for you all.

    yesterday i went over to alex's to skate cause we be cool yo. it was fun but that was the only part of my day basically that was good. alex is awesome and skating with alex is really funny cause well i'm so bad and he tries to tell me things that just dont make any sense. kinda like alex: "come on get in the zone" me: " you mean the auto zone?" although i must say that was quite funny, for me at least. so yeah yesterday after school was cool.

    today was eh. let's see...

    first i had double study which was okay cause i had some stuff to do like my math homework and well 2 spanish paragraphs just to get them done and over with even though it's like 2 weeks in advance but oh well. then when i was bored at the end of class i wrote Rick a note considering it is seven months today and he probably didnt remember but i felt like writing him a note anyways. i also talked to the kid that sits behind me a little bit, pat mullen...i know he went to sterling and i remember him so yeah i feel cool.

    then i had communications which was okay i guess since i had to be on tv today cause emily pahud's partner left the class and she asked me to do it with her so i said okay, since i'm so nice. so yeah it was pretty fun but we were pretty bad.

    spanish was next and i really dont do anything in that class, its kinda like last year. i sat there today with melissa and alex and filled in about 10 blanks then i talked to them for the rest of the class and alex was telling me about this X-Men thing that he found online and how he liked it and i was happy. i love spanish.

    then came wonderful double history. how much gayer could it be when the only good thing in the class isnt there? oh well i guess. anyways i kinda had to present my poster even though he just called on the rest of my group but i sat and talked to andy most of the time.

    lunch was stupid. the whole time i was just sitting there with andy and ryan and don and rob mitchell and ian although the whole time they were trying to figure out a stupid geometry problem so i didnt really do anything but sit and listen. fun huh?

    geometry was next and all she did was cut up a apple and orange or at least that was all i got from the class. eh whatever.

    brit lit was boring kinda like always, we read a thing and then wrote a paragraph on it and then went over the paragraph but it was good cause it was the first time i saw courtney all day so it was fun, like always. too bad i didnt get to have culinary today and have certain people come.

    after school i found out that i was coming home to watch degrassi alone. Rick went to geoff's house cause he had to play grand theft auto and melissa went to a haunted house thing with others and i asked jen to come over but she was waiting for brian to come over so its a lonely degrassi tonight. i wish i got to hang out with Rick today though since it is seven months but eh.

    well i guess that is all for now and if you feel like commenting it would be greatly appreciated.

    Jimmy Gnecco is a sexy beast.

    I Love Rick Cullen a lot.

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2003-10-17 18:18 (link)
Fishman :[

Rick is a meanie.
I forgot it was 7 months for you guys.
And because it is, that makes him 10x meaner :[

well if it makes you feel any better, Brian blew me off too..

haha your mom just called.

"alex is awesome"

^oh, i agree ;D

later dude.
feel betta.
eat toast? that could work.
as for me i'll kill some people on ut/soulcalibur and i'll feel a little better.

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2003-10-18 13:45 (link)
Hi hi. Sorry to hear about your lonely Degrassi night, and I'm even more sorry for myself considering I missed the episode. I even had three chances to watch it too, I remember my three chances from the man singing the RFR and Degrassi song during commercials. Har har, also glad you had fun skating.

Since I'm once again part of the Blurty community I'll be updating every now and then and commenting as well.

Yeah, next time you better be in the Auto-Zone all day.


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