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Rachel (miseryhead) wrote,
@ 2003-04-01 17:42:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:Ours- Disaster In a Halo

    i love you...a lot.
    hello there and welcome. don't ask i just got the sudden urge to say that. someone totally commented on my last journal entry and was all like Christian Lindskog is the hottest man ever and you better believe it. dude Christian rocks my world. so does Blindside so whoever said that rocks.

    anyways. today was soooo fun. school totally sucked. biology i had a test that i know i failed since i didnt know that we were having one. skills i didnt pass in the homework cause i couldnt get to the website he gave us. keyboarding just sucked. study was gay since ms rothman was there and she made us watch a stupid movie since maggie wasnt in class and she needed to watch it math was stupid, we didnt do anything really at all. history sucked. need i say more.

    i had saw Rick before skills this morning and he told me that he was probably going to come over my house today and then i was and could be happy for the rest of the day. :) i saw him after skills too when he was going to auto so whatever works you know? then he waited for me after history outside the room and i met him there and we were off.

    we got to the t and jen came later and was like you know your bus isnt coming for another hour? and then i cried, no but really i was very upset. needless to say it came about a half hour later but hey. Rick looked so sexy today, i dont know why but it was soo sexy. ahhh. anyways we got on the bus and it was a fun time. i guess. we got to my house and then i'll let you take it from there. hehehehehe. *snickers cause i know something you dont* hahah. okay anyways that's enough about Rick for now. even though he is the sexiest, awesomest, nicest, amazingest, coolest, best person ever. i love him soooo much.

    so at about 330 denise came to take me to the orthodontist and we drove Rick home and then went so now i have new elastics, same colors just newer. when i came home i got a call from Rick and i talked to him for a bit. then my mom told me that jen called on her phone so i called her back and she told me the best news in the world for her anyways. JEN GOES OUT WITH BRIAN COLLINS. oh man that was so awesome. he asked her out and i was so happy for her. dude she once again gets the guy she wants. heh. jen you are awesome. happiness overcomes you i'm sure so be okay and i'm happy for you. i told Rick to guess the good news on why you called and he was like "do her and brian go out?" and i was like yes. he's good but hey brian collins yo. hah.

    okay well i think that is all for now and i leave you with Jimmy Gnecco, totally. i love Rick soooooooooooooooooo much. sooooooo much that i can't even begin to tell.

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