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Rachel (miseryhead) wrote,
@ 2003-03-29 19:30:00
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    really, really bored
    + what do you think of cheerleading: i think that it is gay, although i once was a *throws up* cheerleader
    + favorite Disney character: uhhh i have to go with dumbo
    + what brand of deodorant do you use: i dont know what it's called although it could be called secret
    + worst kiss: all of them except the ones with Rick
    + anyone you think is homosexual: many, many people
    + do you know anyone named LeRoy: nope, i wish i did though
    + do you like Pickles: at one point they were my favorite food so yeah i love them
    + do you have a website: i used to but that didn't work too well
    + do you watch PORN: nope can't say that i do
    + are you black: no cant say that i am
    + do you wish you were black: no, no i dont
    + who you gonna vote for: no one
    + do you have your own phone line: yes i do and if i didnt have it i dont know what i would do
    + your thoughts on abortion: could care less really
    + do you like brittney spears: oh man, she's my idol. no but really she's gay
    + do you want a brittney doll: no, what is your obsession with 3 subquestions per actual question?
    + if not do you want one for christmas: ^^^
    + What do you want for christmas: i dont know yet
    + do you have your 2 front teeth: yes i do
    + what do you want to do with your life: i dont know yet
    + ever been butt naked bangin on the bathroom floor: no i cant say that i have
    + would you ever get plastic surgery if so on what: no i wouldnt, oh god not after that show i saw
    + biggest redneck you know: i dont know
    + last time you went to skateland: never...
    + last time you went to the bowling alley: i dont even remember
    + last time you were in a hoopdy truck: these questions are gay
    + what perfume/cologne do you wear: nothing!
    + do you think forigen accents are sexy: some i guess, i was just thinking about that this morning...scary
    + do you like jell-o if so what flavor: all flavors
    + do you like hot dogs if so do you know whats in them: i like hotdogs but not when i think about what's in them
    + brand of toothpaste: aquafresh
    + last time you went to the doctor: i dont know
    + do you think ricki martin is gay: sure, well all i know is that in 5th grade i used to think he was hot. hah.
    + do you think my tractors sexy: gay!
    + do you have a credit card...can i use it?: no and if i did i wouldnt let you use it cause you make up gay questions.
    + do you love your mom: yes
    + do you love your mom as much as norman bates did in PSYCHO?: i wouldnt know since i never saw that movie
    + ever taken ballet: i did when i was a little little kid but then i quit like a month later
    + favoite juice: uhhh fruit punch i guess
    + Last time you used the restroom: probably about an hour ago
    + most attracitve person: Rick Cullen
    + any diseases if so what are they: asthma all the way, i think that's how you spell it anyway
    + last book you read...was it good: The Lord Of The Rings The Return Of The King and yes it was very good
    + white, dark, or milk choclate: milk chocolate man
    + ever died your hair: yup, quite a few times
    + What brand shampoo: i think its called amplify
    + favorite holiday: christmas or should i say st patricks day. heh
    + thing you hate most about your body: everything...and me and jen think we are becoming too obsessed with food and we're gonna get fat
    + do you still play with barbies: nope, although i should
    + last thing or person you rode: Rick. hahahahha. sorry i had to even though it's not true i just thought it would be funny for me to say that since i am soo hilarious. no but really i rode in my mom's car this morning
    + are men really from mars: nope, that would just be gay
    + do you have to do chores if so what are they: well i dont have any regular chores but occasionally i have to vaccuum or empty the dishwasher which i hate sooo much
    + last time you smoked: hmmm let's see, never
    + last thing you bought: fries

    m0re rand0m..

    + are you stressed out...if so from what: i guess so but i dont know from what
    + what do you wear to the beach: a bathing suit?
    + do you belive in angels: i guess so
    + would you ever join the army: no
    + do you want a puppy: it depends on the kind
    + ever had a kick me sign on you: no, or at least i dont think so
    + how about a lick me sign: no, i cant say that i have
    + Favorite icing: vanilla yo
    + are u a flirt: no i dont think so
    + last time you were scared: last night
    + by what?: people coming downstairs....
    + last party you went to: i dont even know, probably dan villena's new years party sometime in 8th grade
    + do you do your own laundry: nope and thank the lord i dont
    + what detergent do you use: i dont do the laundry
    + what fabric softner do you use: ^^
    + are your nails real or fake: real all the way
    + do you get jiggy with it: cant say that i do
    + do u live at the wild wild west: nope
    + what do you wish you were named: i used to want my name to be a guys name like randi or something like that but i dont know anymore
    + favorite movie star: Orlando Bloom i guess
    + are your parents divorced...if so for what reasons: yes and i dont really know
    + would you ever wear a waterbra: nope
    + do you work out: i used to do gymnastics but not anymore
    + are u muscular: no, not really
    + are you flabby: not yet, but i think i will be soon enough
    + are you fat: no, not at the moment anyways
    + do you take a lot of pictures: nope, although i really should
    + favorite tv show: the weekenders! and that 70s show
    + do you want a baby: not really but i guess one kid wouldn't be too bad
    + last time you were sick: about a week ago
    + butter or margerine: margarine?
    + your feelings on mcdonald chicken nuggets: nowhere near as good as burger king's, the breading stuff isnt that good but i'll eat them
    + do chinese people really cook cats and dogs: i dont know, maybe
    + do you belilve in santa claus: oh yeah! no just kidding i dont.
    + do you go to a tanning bed: nope cant say that i do
    + are you in love...with anyone...with me???: yes, Rick, and no not with you. i love Rick soooo much.
    + do you have a car: nope
    + do you have your licence?: nope
    + how do you get around: my mom or the bus
    + favorite rugrats character: none of them
    + got milk: no
    + do you sniff markers: nope
    + are you dissatisfied with your hair color: nope it's pretty cool and inspired by carlton megaladon!
    + what kind of jewlry do you wear: bracelets i make (Ours, Blindside) Blindside wristband, Incubus ring, LOTR ring, Incubus necklace, mokey necklace, and elastic band around my neck
    + what do you think of *//\\//Sync??: they totally like rock my world. no really though they suck.
    + have you ever modeled: nope
    + do you shop in catalogs: kinda
    + what do you like the opposite sex to wear: anything really. although i must say that the tighter side of pants and shirts are pretty good
    + do you have a cellie: yeah sadly enough
    + what do you think of eminem: totally freaking gay
    + favorite kind of gum: uhh i dont know all gum rules basically
    + would you ever get a tatoo: i dont know if i ever would but i want to
    + do you think lil bow wow is cute: god no
    + have you seen charlies angels: yes
    + what magazines do you get: revolver, hit parader, circus (with the Blindside pinup!) and that's about it i think
    + do you belive your horoscope: not really
    + Whats your sign: virgo

    even m0re rand0m..

    + do u like coffee...what kind...what in it: dont really like it
    + do you write in pen or pencil....or markers: pen most of the time unless i am desperate then i use a pencil
    + are you getto: no
    + favorite lip gloss: none
    + do you wear a watch: no but i used to
    + sunglasses: dont have any
    + ever use nair....if so where?: not anymore but i tried it on my legs, it sucked
    + ever been to the mall of america: no
    + do you want a leather jacket: nope and proud of it
    + ever ridden a motorcycle: yeah when i was little on my uncle's
    + do you think justin timberlake and brittney spears are really togther: i dont think i could care less
    + what you think of bsb?: gay
    + do you read the chicken soup books: i used to
    + have you seen the exorsist: nope and i dont plan to
    + are you online a lot: not anymore, or so i've heard, many people complain to me about it actually.
    + do you have an old navy performance fleece: no but i remember when i used to want one really badly
    + are you getting tired of doing this: eh, not really i have nothing better to do
    + do you buckle up: yeah
    + any siblings: nope
    + what are their names: ^^^
    + what are their ages: ^^^
    + do they wanna fill out our great survey: ^^^
    + do you know how to yo yo: not too good
    + what color are your panties: uhh i dont know, white i think
    + ok we're done are you happy?: not really


    + number of times I have been in love: once, well i only count one as being in love
    + number of times I have had my heart broken: once
    + number of hearts I have broken: 0 or at least i think
    + number of boys I have kissed: like 2
    + number of girls I have kissed: none!
    + number of men I've slept with: none
    + number of continents I have lived in: just this one
    + number of drugs taken illegally: none
    + number of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends: 2 or 3 people
    + number of people I consider my enemies: a lot of people
    + number of people from high school that I stayed in contact with: well considering i am still in high school...
    + number of cd's that I own: too many for me to know
    + number of piercings: 3 in each ear
    + number of tattoos: none
    + number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper: 1 maybe
    + number of scars on my body: probably about 3
    + number of things in my past that I regret: a few things, i dont know the exact number

    current residence; my house.
    marital status; i have a boyfriend who i love.
    current crush; Rick
    piercings you have; 3 in each ear
    tattoos you have; none
    piercings you want; bellybutton i think
    tattoos you want; it would be really cool if i got the Ours O or if i got the two Incubus fish.
    today's date; march 29
    time; 6:33 pm
    wearing; black and red converse, blue pants, green Incubus shirt

    Have you ever had sex; nope
    how old were you when u lost ur virginity, if not when are you going to; i havent lost my virginity and i dont know
    have you ever loved somebody so much it made you cry; yes
    have you ever tried weed; nope
    what colour socks did you wear last year on your birthday; i would assume white
    when was the last time you cried; probably about a week ago
    when was the last time you bled; i dont know
    when was the last time you got bit, by a human; i dont know, maybe last week?
    when was the last time you got in a fight; dont know
    when did you last take a shower or bath; this morning
    have you ever had lice; nope
    who was the last person you kissed; Rick
    describe yourself in three words; i, dont, know
    do you hate stereotypes; some
    what is your favourite band; Ours, Blindside and Incubus...i cant pick just one
    what size shoes do you wear; 5 in mens about a 7 in womens
    boxers, thongs, g-strings, granny-panties, bikinis, briefs or boxer-briefs; briefs. hah.
    what's the thing you regret most in your life; i dont know really
    what song is playing right now; nothing
    do you like to swim; occasionally
    have you ever talked in your sleep; nope, i dont think so anyways
    most embarrassing thing to happen to you; i dont know
    last movie you saw in theatres and who did you see it with; agent cody banks cause i am that damn cool and it was with my dad
    ever sleep with a shirt, stuffed animal, etc because it smelled like the person you got it from; nope
    ever go to say something and completely forget what you were talking about; oh yeah
    ever flip words around like 'i rather smoke beer than drink pot'; yup
    ever fall into the toilet 'cos some idiot didn't put the seat down; no cant say that i have
    can you touch your tongue to your nose; kinda
    can you roll your tongue; no, but i wish i could
    do the voices talk to you; nope
    time now; 640 pm


    1. What did you wish your name was? clarissa

    2. Did you have an imagianary friend? yeah i think so

    3. If yes, what was his/her name? i dont know

    4. Did you want to get married? yes

    5. How many kids did you want to have? a few

    6. What did you want their names to be? i dont know

    7. What kind of a perfect life did you want to live? i dont know, i dont remember that far back

    8. What kind of house did you want to live in? dont know

    9. Did you play with dolls or army toys? dolls i think

    10. What was your most favorite toys' name? uhhh maybe a stuffed animal cow but it didnt have a name

    11. Who was your childhood hero? i dont know

    12. What was your favorite article of clothing? my power rangers outift thingy

    13. Who did you want to be like when you grew up? everyone

    14. Who were some of your best friends? jessie, anita, evan, and nicole

    15. How old were you when you learned to ride a bike? probably about 6 or 7

    16. How did you feel? dont know

    17. What was your favorite food? i dont know but when i was really really little i used to like broccoli a lot

    18. Who was your favorite baby-sitter? i dont know my aunt maybe?

    19. What did you think it would be like to drive a car? really cool and fun

    20. Did you ever own anything that had to do with My Little Ponies, Rainbow Brite or G.I Joes? my little ponies like a million things and same with rainbow brite...oh man she was sooo awesome

    21. Did you play with Barbie and Ken dolls? yes all the time basically

    22. Did you play with baby dolls? yes

    23. Did you ever have one of those play kitchens? yes, it was my favorite thing in the world

    24. Did you ever own a Cozy Coupe? no, i dont think so

    25. Do you remember shows like, Ducktales, TaleSpin,Gummi Bears or LunchBox? oh man totally, i loved ducktales so much

    26. Did you ever own a power wheels car? i think so

    27. Did you ever watch the show "Puff the Magic Dragon?" i dont know

    28. What was your favorite pet? my cat shady aka shaboba

    29. Did you ever believe in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny? totally.

    30. If yes, who did you think the santas and easter bunnies at the mall were? their helpers. heh.

    31. How did you feel when you learned how to tie your shoe finally? happy, although i learned to tie it the lefty way

    32. Did you ever have one of those slap-on wristbands? yes and i still do

    33. Did you ever wear stick-on earings? all the time

    34. Write down one specific memory that you have never forgotten of your childhood: when i did a cartwheel off the firehydrant

    what's the story behind your username? Blindside/Ours

    name five of your favorite pig-out foods.
    1. ice cream
    2. doritos
    3. fritos
    4. funyuns
    5. swedish fish. heh

    have you ever had a makeover? yeah quite a bit

    whats the longest you've stayed out of the country and where? no where

    name one thing that you're grateful for today. going out with Rick

    what is your favorite high school memory? still in high school

    what is the most insane thing you've done for your crush that he does't know about? uhhh i dont know

    describe your dream wedding. marrying Rick, anything would be good if that happened.

    would you ever join temptation island? no

    name your three favorite high school/elementary school teachers.
    1. Ms. McNiece
    2. Ms. Morris
    3. Mr. Jones

    do you have a favorite quote? what is it? i dont think i have a favorite one, i cant choose just one

    my first heartbreak was . . . i dont know...

    the school picture at the bottom of your drawer? all of them

    do you have any weird preferences? what are they? dont think i have any

    what is one thing you will never understand about the opposite sex? why some of them like me

    who's your best friend(s)? jen and i know this is gonna sound really gay but Rick too.

    what tv character do you most want to be? dont know

    if you were famous, and were to be a guest on a talk show, whose show would you choose? why? uhhh last call since Ours was on matter how gay the show is i still love Ours that much to want to be on it. heh.

    give yourself a porn star name. no thanks

    do you have any weird sleeping habits? i dont think so

    what are you planning on doing this summer? dont know yet

    what is currently your favorite song? "Red Colored Stars"- Ours

    write a line from any song. "well i'll open my eyes and a new day will come, i'll see red colored stars in the sky and in your eyes"

    do you know any disney song by heart? yeah stuff from pocahontas

    describe your dream house. dont know

    your typical sleepwear includes . . . pajama pants and my elc shirt. oh yeah

    what's in your bag? stuff

    what's in your wallet? pictures and cards and stuff, no money at the moment though

    how much money is in your wallet? none

    favorite pair of shoes? my black and red converse yo

    if you could've gone to your senior prom in a different outfit, what would you have worn? i'm not a senior

    how was your senior prom? it hasnt happened

    favorite birthday? uhh i dont really know

    would you rather be an elf, dwarf, or hobbit? elf all the way

    what were the first five things you would splurge on if you were a multibillonaire?
    1. i
    2. dont
    3. know
    4. at
    5. all

    what is your daily going-to-bed rituaL? take off the bracelets, necklaces and rings, and put on my pajamas then put on the Precious-Ours cd and got to sleep

    what is the weirdest/funniest nickname anyone has ever called you? rational. hah.

    3 favorite cartoon characters:
    1. tino
    2. carl
    3. twister

    ***************STATS AND OPINIONS***************

    FULL NAME: Rachel Anastasia Fishman
    BIRTHDAY: September 6
    BIRTH PLACE: brockton ma
    HOME: quincy ma
    EYES: brown
    HAIR COLOUR: blonde with black tips and brown roots


    HAVE YOU EVER BEEN IN LOVE?: yes, i am


    WERE DO U C YOURSELF IN 10YRS TIME? hopefully with Rick
    FUTURE SONS NAME?: Jimmy Gnecco....first and middle name there. heh.
    FUTURE DAUGHTERS NAME?: dont know, girls are gay anyways

    ***************HAVE U EVER***************

    BROKEN THE LAW?: i dont think so
    EVER CHEATED IN A TEST?: really, who hasnt?
    HAD A MEDICAL EMERGENCY?: i think so

    ***************DO U BELIEVE IN***************

    ALIENS?: yes
    HOROSCOPES?: not really

    ***************WHICH IS BETTER****************

    BLONDES OR BRUNETTES?: brunettes but both are okay i guess i just prefer brunettes

    ***************WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME U***************

    FRACTURED SOMETHING? :uhhh 2nd grade
    CRIED?: like a week ago i think
    GOT A REAL LETTER?: i dont even remember

    ***************WHAT IS*****************

    THE WORST SONG U HAVE EVER HEARD?: anything rap or pop ya know?
    WOTS ON UR BEDROOM WALLS?: posters of people
    WOT DO U WEAR IN BED?: didnt i already answer that?


    RELATIVE?: my uncle i guess
    FAVE TV SHOW?: the weekenders and that 70s show
    SHAMPOO?: amplify
    BOOK?: all 3 LOTR
    MAGAZINE?: hit parader, revolver, circus
    THING TO DO ON THE WEEKEND?: sleep, and hang out with Rick
    BAND OR GROUP?: Ours, Blindside, Incubus
    MOVIE?: LOTR fellowship of the ring and the two towers, and Signs



    ***************DO YOU***************

    GET A LONG WITH UR PARENTS?: yeah, most of the time
    LIKE TO DRIVE?: i wouldnt know
    TYPE WITH THE FINGERS ON THE RIGHT KEYS? sometimes, although most of the time no
    DRINK OR SMOKE?: nope
    CONSIDER YOURSELF A GOOD LISTENER, SPEAKER, SHOULDER TO CRY ON? yeah most of the time anyways, if i like the person i will definately listen but if it's someone i dont like then i couldnt care less
    LIKE TO TALK ON THE FONE? yeah i like to talk on the phone
    WOULD YOU RATHER GO ON A WALK OR WATCH TV?: watch tv i guess
    WHAT IS YOUR DREAM HOLIDAY?: being with Rick

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