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Rachel (miseryhead) wrote,
@ 2003-03-17 19:54:00
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    Current mood: ecstatic
    Current music:Rick's voice

    i love you...
    let me just get this out of the way right now...I GO OUT WITH RICK CULLEN!

    wow. need i say anymore about that whole situation? i think that whole sentence just about sums it all up. heh. i havent stopped smiling since i left his house today and that was at about 6. heheheheh.

    anyways today in school was okay. i got to go to the store twice today, total annihilation. i switch my skills class tomorrow and that is awesome cause i dont have to make the gay shape anymore which is a very good thing.

    spanish was stupid. mr lugo was like, now guys..if you're going to write nice things about me please dont write them on the desk, write them on paper or something. so melissa gets a piece of paper and started writing him a note, oh god it was so funny.

    keyboarding was kinda cool i guess. ryan spilled orange soda on the keyboard last class and it was still there today when we got there and he couldnt even lift the keyboard because it was so sticky. it was funny though.

    double math was gay.

    lunch was cool yo. happy times.

    english was pretty good. ryan is in our class now so thats all that matters i guess. i told mr jones today that i didnt have mrs day sign my permission slip so i have to go and have the department head sign the slip thingy which is gonna be gay since i dont even know who that is. oh well, as long as i get to go on the field trip.

    history was sooo funny. this was like the 3rd day that mrs day wasnt there and it totally annihilated. i totally raped and molested ryan's paper and it was the funniest thing in the world. and i really had to pee all during that class. ryan then proceeded to rape my hand and then i raped his arm back so now we're about even. Nooo! ZAGNUT!!!

    after school was like the definition of TOTAL ANNIHILATION. i watched Rick skate for a while and he ollied the 11 stair out by the school and then some girl came over and was like you cant skate here which was gay of her so she's gay. then we almost left but he had forgotten his hat and vest thingy there so he had to go back and get it. on the way back we saw alex mendez which was cool yo. then we finally got on the bus and went to his house. we watched some of a skate video and then we walked around for about an hour and it was really fun. i met steve cassidy and i remembered that liz used to like him a lot, she was like obsessed with him but he's not hot or anything, i guess he's kinda cool though. we walked around some more and then we went back to his house and his sisters left to go to his grandparents so we watched another skate video then he played guitar for awhile then we went back upstairs to watch tv. i held his hand and he put his arm around me and thats when the non stop smiling began. for that matter i am still smiling to this very moment. then my mom got there and i had to go and then he was like "can i have a hug before you leave?" so i hugged him and then looked at him and then we kissed. wow. i kissed Rick. amazement overcomes me. not only did i kiss Rick but i kissed Rick twice. oh wow. i'm still in shock, i really am. then i got home and my phone rang and it was Rick. he was like "i was gonna ask you out after i kissed you but i forgot and i dont really want to do it on the phone but..will you go out with me?" and of course i said yes. so now ladies and gentlemen i go out with Rick Cullen. *tear*

    Jimmy Gnecco and i love Rick.

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2003-03-17 20:12 (link)
just because you're going out with someone doesn't always mean you have to say you love him.

Think about it. You just started going out with him. Unless you mean it in an empty way.

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2003-03-18 15:52 (link)
i know just because i go out with him doesnt mean i have to say i love him, but it's the truth. if you look back i have been saying that for awhile now, it's not like i just started because we go out. i know him, i know what he's like and i know that i love him, and not in an empty way. i've been talking to him for quite awhile now so it's not like i'm just jumping in and saying "oh god i love him but i dont know him", i know him and i love him.

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