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MiseryChastain (miserychastain) wrote,
@ 2004-04-07 21:10:00
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    Current mood: okay

    Hmm...interesting, I guess this will be my new journal, my old one was on woohu. Do not EVER go to woohu, they suck now. I've had that darn journal for almost a year, and now the webmaster is saying that if we don't pay for our ALREADY existing journals, they will be deleted...needless to say, I am very tweaked.....

    Aside from that, today was surprisingly good. Becky and Moe have spring break this week so they came to my school today for lunch and to celebrate my birthday, which was nifty except for the fact that it isn't my birthday, but since logic rarely applies to my friends...mwahaha.

    Anyway, so they left and after school me and Rob worked on the school paper, editing stuff and working on the layout, you knwo, the good fun geeky stuff us geeks thrive on. It went well, except for the minor fatc that me and Rob are both pathetically impaired when it comes to using Word.....Ann came and saved us many a time. Thank you Ann, you rock my face off.

    so that was my day,

    later tater

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