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M*o*L*z (mindlessxmisery) wrote,
@ 2003-11-18 20:21:00
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    Current mood: weird
    Current music:"Bitches"- MSI

    Bitches love me cus they know that i can FUCK!
    ummmmm yea.....boredom, the one night i dont go ne where n im fuckin bored.....n i have nothin to write about, exsept i went riding again 2night, my horse was decent, alittle stupid but ok, my other one still has a bad leg, n i gotta a new one to ride today, hes not trained but thats y im riding him lol, for all that dont know, i train horses, n work at taco bell, its good money with the 2 combined soo yea thats about all that happened 2night, n i miss my baby :( i wanted to see him today but i had to go out, n he called but i didnt have my phone to take the call :( its sad, but hopefully ill see him on friday, im not in love yet, n hes knos it, but maybe one day, see i have issues, i dont like to get close to ppl, to much shit has happened, n the way i think, if i dont get close to ppl i have the advantage, i cant get hurt, i dunno maybe ill grow out of it, maybe i wont, n maybe it takes that one guy to change all that, but i dunno, im gonna go now, ill write laters

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