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§†€^µñ (mind_cplx_virgo) wrote,
@ 2004-07-19 15:01:00
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    Current mood: accomplished
    Current music:none

    Guest Book
    This is just I poll for the people who actualy check out my sight.

    If you want me to work one something place
    a vote at the top of your comments in this thread.

    Right now I'm working on what ever I want...
    but if a bunch of people want to see some, for example, animation
    I'll try more so to get around to working on it.

    Wire Work
    Graphical Art
    Graphitized Pictures
    & Miscellaneous

    -For thoughs who are woundering-
    This is my guest book for my Geocities web-sight now
    because Geocites kinda sux and fux up alot...
    This time it was doing weird shit with the guest book so I had to delete it.
    Thats why I now have this set up as my guest book.

    Thx for checking out my sight...just post what ever you want..
    I dun realy care because this can hold alot more post then geocites can
    ....with out like...glitching it's ass off

    & I'll do some up dates every now and then in here
    so the signings don't get to bunched up ^^

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2004-08-11 20:08 (link)
i say go with more wirework
that shit is awsome i like it alot


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EWWW freak-a-leaks!!
2005-02-05 23:20 (link)
im at my freind paiges house! she wants you to do more of everythinggg!! lol shes a weirdtard!!
paige says "cool wire " and " i dont know" ...ok well im going now... <3 buy bye!

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