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Camille (millyvanilly) wrote,
@ 2004-03-09 17:22:00
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    Current mood: irritated
    Current music:Black eyed peas - Hey mama

    Funny!!! I might juss have to go off on someone!
    Is tha lady dumb? stupid? or just a plan on retarded asshole! Number she KNOWS better to tell me to do anything or even to say more than 2 words to me, because no doubt she will get a smart remark. If you guys dont know im talking about my dad's wife. Anyways, Im up in the kitchen doing my job of the week so that i can get on the computer and what. She in the kitchen calling herself cookin....pots on over the floor, shyt everywhere, so i dont care ima do what i have to do. I dont pay that lady no mind. Anyways so yeah im sweeping the floor(my job) and i also have to mop it. But since she was going to take forever and pluz i dont pay her no mind, i started sweeeping the floor, ol girl goes in their room and calls my dad and walks back into the kitchen and TELLS him to TELL me to get out of the kitchen because she's trying to cook....bytch!!! need i knock yo damn block off??! HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL ADULTS THAT I DONT LIKE, "IF I HAVE NO RESPECT FOR YOU, I DONT CARE HOW I TALK TO YOU OR JUST PLAN I OL I DONT CARE PERIOD ABOUT ANYTHING THAT HAS TO DO WITH YOU" so i guess my dad said no or hung up on her, but before that she's all like "YOUR THE ONE ALWAYS LETTIN HER DO WHAT SHE WANT" bytch dont be mad because i had to let you know and made you cry lol she's a joke! but yah, as she saw....i didn't get out the kitchen until i was done doing what i was I know i pissed her off because i was laughing when she was on the phone with him lol, i aint payin that childish lady no attention lol. if everyone's wondering why i dont like her let me break it down for yall:

    Her and my dad got married not even a year ago and i cant stand her! And she knows this. But a few Sundays ago my dad told us all we had to go to church--well technically told HER to tell us we had to go to church. Her and i were cool up to then. But yeah, she comes into my room and told me that he said we had to go with her because he was leaving early. So i made sure before he left i let him know that i didn't know if i were going becaue my hair wasn't done and i wasn't going to chruch looking a fool...i dont know what they think this but yeah anyways when i was in the room telling him about my hair she volenteered to do it and i replied by saying "i dont want my hair to get curled because im trying to not put any heat or perms in it" she said that she didn't know what i was going to do and i'd just have to wash it out...(to everyone, what does that mean...she's going to curl it and you'll have to wash the curls out later) So i walk into my room and wait for her to curl it, i got into the shower, got dressed and just had to get my hair done and i'd be set. But yeah so (note: we were leaving at 10:30) 10aclock roll around and im chillin waiting for her to do it, 10:30 roll around and she comes out the room locks the door and tells Tae(her son) to come on and then tells me to come on she ready. I sat in my room and just ignored her! Thinkin, dis chyck must be trippin. So she said it again and i was like "Im not going cuz my hair aint done" she was like "your dad said you had to go to church so come the way you are"...i said once again "i aint going cuz my hair aint done so i guess i'll just get in trouble" so she was like okay. Tuan asked her if she could come back and get him and i GUESS she called herself getting smart wit me saying "I advise you to be ready when i come back and get tuan" anyways to make a long story short she lied to my dad, told her i said i was going to get in trouble because i didnt' wanna go to church, not saying because she didn't do my hair. My dad comes home started yelling at me after Toni(his wife) called herself trying to put me on front street with it. Telling me how i was only using me not having my hair done as a excuse for me not wanting to go to church. At that moment i flipped out, i was so full from taking all her smart remarks and shit so i put her allllllllll out. Told her bytchass not to talk to me, told her she wasn't my moma told her that i heard all the stuff she said about my moma and that i would tell my mom everything, anyways to make a long story short...she started crying, packed her stuff up like she always does calling herself moving out and never did....she's so damn lame. Anyways me tellling this story is to show how childish she is. and i just got off the phone with my mom and told her what happened and she was like "that lady dont want it. she better act right she dont want me" i started dying. She aint gon dissrespect me, i will make her ass cry again and tell her off. She aint shit, my moma already put the hands to that lady once, she aint afraid to do it again. and if she keep tempting me i will also.

    anyways, i've relieved enough stress at the moment...i'll get back at yall with some more in a little. Adios...*mauhz*

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