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Camille (millyvanilly) wrote,
@ 2004-03-11 20:11:00
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    Current mood: sad
    Current music:indie arie- ready for love

    !!!!REALLY SAD & MAD!!!
    Okay, Monday one of my close friends dad died. Me and my friends (noora Julia Brittany Belinda) all said that we were going to attend the calling hours thing today. Today rolls around and everyone backs down and says they're not going. All day i was trying to find someone to go with me and no one would. Come to find out Noora still wanted to go and someone told her i wasn't going. SO we could have gon to support him and show him that we cared. Ya know? Thats all i wanted to do. Because i know if i were in that position i'd want my friends to be there for me ya know? if my dad died id want my friends to show that i cared. And now i feel really bad, and he prolly feels as if when he needed us most we weren't there. So like im really pissed at everyone other than Noora. And now i need to get ahold of my dad and tell her to pick me up a card so that i can send it to him so he doesn't think that we like just dont care ya know? because 2yrs ago one of our friends mo died and all of us were there for him. we went to his moms calling hours and gave him cards and i really dont want larry to feel as if we dont care for him as we did matt. SO yeah im going to tell him how i feel in the card and let him know that i'm always his dawg andif he ever needs to talk to someone he can talk to me. and that i understand that he may not want to talk to people about it at first and that im not going to try to make him ya know. But making myself sad!!! I'll write later.....adios


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