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amelia jordan (millie311) wrote,
@ 2003-07-14 16:11:00
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    Current mood: hyper
    Current music:311

    Amelia & Katrina
    3 hours to burn before I go make the doughnuts so I’ll update my journal quickly

    Me and Kate are now an item. She asked me by kissing me and then I kissed her back with a yes!!! (Amelia & Katrina) mmm yes I like that! Think she wanted to do more with me that nite but my body is not ready rite now.

    Shaun got sick from watching us and left haha. He thought I was sucking her finger but I was not!!! I was laying with my back to her chest watching a movie. First she put her legs around me and I pretended not to notice but Shaun kept looking over and I could not help but to smile! Then she put her hand on my boob so I took her hand and bit her nail haha.

    Dharma and Greg is on!!


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You was to sucking!
2003-07-15 01:15 (link)
When is your next day off? We need to hangout a.s.a.p, because I need to see a familiar face around here, I'll call and give you directions and junk probably tomorrow if I catch you before work. :p Hmm... you never told me if Kate is bi-sexual or lesbian. Yay, Tyree is online I gotta go.

Love you,

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Re: You was to sucking!
2003-07-19 20:41 (link)
shes bi but shes neva been wit a guy

~baby gurl~

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