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amelia jordan (millie311) wrote,
@ 2003-07-12 18:15:00
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    Current mood: guilty
    Current music:Avril

    Avril is Indie pop???
    I wish my name was Avril.

    Kate is cummn over today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Shaun is cummn over today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Erick mite cum over today!!!!!!!!!!!
    Brandy mite cum over today!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    5 sum orgy???
    3 sum???


    eating a brownie. im a size 7 rite now. fat bitchhhhhh. n a good mood n i feel bad for that cuz i just lost the baby. why am i happy? not waiting tables rite now that could be why. kate wants to talk about being together tonite. im so happy!

    where the fuc is shaun??? said he would be over in a few. that was 2 hours ago! how long does it take to go to martins and get sprite?? guys!

    watching pretty woman. I <33 this movie!


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2003-07-13 17:49 (link)
I have a question.... is Kate lesbian or bi-sexual? LoL, I wanted to ask her that yesterday but it's not exactly a question I could just come right out and ask. Whenever you say something about a guy being cute she looks at you like you lost your mind, so I'm thinking lesbian... but she don't look like a lesbian. She's too girly to be a lesbian. Strange stuff. Anyway, yeah let me know about what happened when I left but not too many details... eww. I'll change your comment thing next time I'm over, I forgot about it yesterday with all the finger sucking going on. Talk to you later on tonight.

Love you,

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