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Mikey Wasko (mikey_wasko) wrote,
@ 2003-06-07 15:58:00
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2003-06-08 20:56 (link)
I'd have to say I am rather glad I stopped by your site. When I saw the song "Best Deceptions" in your journal, I figured that you'd have to be an awesome person displaying an awesome song. After reading your journal, I realized you're not only "awesome," but you are very much like me.

You said your real name is Bryan, but you go by Mikey. My real name is Arianna, and I go by Ava. I suppose we both have a case of mistaken identity.

I didn't have a father either, he died when I was young, but fortunately my mom wasn't doing destructive things. I admire you though for putting up with the hardships you've had to deal with in your young life. It is a lot to take, but I can see you have a lot of character. I think I might allow myself to gain a friendship with you? Oh, by the way, I am from Chicago too. ;p

Well, I suppose if you allow me to borrow you further, you can contact me at Ava x Daniels.

I'll see you around the campus of Dover.

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